Plisse problem.........

  1. Well, it looks like I'm amassing a little collection of Plisses.......and I'm getting a little weary of having to roll these babies up and put them in their round boxes after using them each time.

    Are there any other ways to store these that won't ruin them in the long run?

  2. I only have one plisse but I sort of enjoy rolling it and putting it to "bed"!!:shame:

    I had asked my SA the best way to store it and she said the box was the best way. I sort of roll it around my hand and at first it was very awkward but now I can do it really fast.
  3. Yup, get your teen to roll them for you.
  4. LOL!!!!! Rose, she should be able to do it easily!
  5. A friend of mine folds scarfs over over a single towel bar she had installed in her closet, and just lets them hang loose. Not sure if it would work in the long run though :shrugs:
  6. Yes - Shopmom, you must keep them in their boxes unless you have a drawer with circular organizers in them. It's the price to pay for having such a gorgeous accessory.
  7. I love these scarves.....honestly, they are such no brainers and no matter what you do with them, they look great! I guess I'm going to have to label each box with Z-Tape....otherwise I'm not going to know what's what!
  8. gotta keep 'em rolled, shopmom -- a' la fortuny delphos gowns.

    but a drawer divider for socks might work nicely in place of the orange boxes.

  9. I have my plisse boxes in a drawer without the tops on. This way they are rolled, but I can view them easily.
  10. if you have tons of plisses, you can just roll them and place them side by side in a dedicated drawer (like they do at hermes under the display). that way, you can just eyeball them and figure out which one works with your outfit quickly!
  11. Sniped by DQ...get outta my head...bad enough I've been plotting Barenia all day thanks to you....:p
  12. in the trivia department, i thought you might find it interesting to see the plisse box's noble lineage -- a fortuny gown in its original box:

  13. lol, sorry Q'sM -- i'm known to be a bad influence . . . :graucho:
  14. you know just send one to me and i'll roll it for you. heh heh