Plisse on Kate?

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  1. I noticed this pic in a mag and wonder if it is a Hermes plisse? I love the way it's tied around Kate's neck, I am going try that.....
  2. Looks like to me, Rose......I'm going to try it too!!!!
  3. i love it!!
  4. I seen that magazine too Rose! It sure looks like a Plisse.
  5. And on you I am sure it will look pics!!!
  6. Um......I don't think hers is an Hermes Plisse, guys. I just tried it and mine doesn't lay the same's too stiff. :sad:
  7. Can we see a pic, D?
  8.'s S'Mom spazzing out the Kate Plisse. Just doesn't sit right, IMO.....someone scarf-savvy please help!
  9. It looks fabulous on you D! I love that idea. I may have to give it a try. Oops, I forgot, I don't own a Plisse - YET! LOL!!!
  10. Looks lovely on you S'mom, but I think you're right. I tried it on too and it looks like yours but not like Kate's. Kate's must be longer (non-H), or could she be tying it a different way? It sure looks like a H plisse......
  11. See what I mean, Rose? Not drapey like hers.....
  12. Yup, very annoying .......
  13. shopmom you are so funny!
  14. Maybe its a longer H scarf but it was pleated? like the pink one Shopmom had? :shrugs:
  15. It still looks great D! :yes: