Plisse addiction has started......

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  1. I bought my very 1st plisse yesterday, and I went back to NM and got one more!! They are just so beautiful and easy to wear!! Why didn't anyone tell me that sooner!!:graucho:

    Since I can no longer wear a necklace (weight kills my neck and gives me migrain.....), plisse is a great alternative!! Thanks for letting me share my joy!:nuts:


    and a scarf ring!!

  2. Those are absolutely lovely and you look gorgeous with them on. Congrats!
  3. Beautiful win!! I just bought that green in a non-plisse (belles du mexique) and have a lighter pink plisse that I love! So easy to wear -- check out the thread on which shoes beautiful ways to wear the plisse!
  4. They look so beautiful on you.
  5. They're gorgeous, congratulations. That scarf ring is cute too.
  6. wintotty--Lovely. :smile:
    What a great replacement to a necklace.
  7. Gorgeous!! Love them. I have the same fuschia one!
  8. Thanks guys!!! I'm already eyeing on the one in black....

    ^Rose, you are my inspiration for wearing have great collection, and wear them beautifully.

    ^Shoes, I'll def. go check out the threads....I'm trying to educate myself how to use/wear scarves in different ways with the book Hermes give out
  9. Ohhh....great! Fuschia one is so pretty. At first, I tried on the light pink cherry one(another PFer recently posted a pic of it!), but the color didn't look good on me, so I thought pink wasn't for me, but SA handed me fuschia one and :nuts::nuts:. This was perfect!
  10. Very pretty and I love the scarf ring!
  11. Those both look fabulous.. I think I may need a plisse!!
  12. They both look wonderful on you- Congratulations!
    Looking to get the same scarf ring next...
  13. You have two gorgy plisse scarves. I soooo love that Belles du Mexique in the plisse style. I have the regular twill in that colorway and sooo love it, but the plisse is totally TDF. The pink one is beautiful, too. You've got great taste!!
  14. I'm with you, I am starting to love the plisse. I am actually sending out 3-4 scarves to have them plissed rather than sell them sinc e I'm not wearing them but as a plisse I'm sure i will. Beautiful choices.
  15. absolutely gorgeous!