plexiglass for speedy

  1. hi!!

    So i received my first LV today, a damier speedy 30. I LOVE IT!!! i'm so excited about it... it's so roomy and perfect.

    I put cardboard on the bottom as i like it to maintain its shape, but i remember reading that some of you use plexiglass?? Where do you get that...?

    I have a feeling that the cardboard might not be strong enough to maintain a flat base for the bag...
  2. I am having mine made at a glass shop near our home. I think I'll have one made for both speedy's.
  3. so you have to order it? i thought maybe i could just get a piece cut at home depot or something :angel:
  4. Here's an alternative. Go to Staples, or some other office supply place, and find a plastic lined binder about the size of the bottom of your speedy. Cut either the cover or the back of the binder off and viola!

  5. I don't think you have to order it. We called the glass shop and gave them the measurements. We have to pick it up. I think if we would have went in, they would have done it right there. I don't think it's too big of deal. Good Luck.

    Also, the binder idea is a good one too.
  6. I've used the bind in bags as well.
    I bought a red on for my white mc speedy and just used the other side of that binder for my speedy 25 and just covered it with material so it wasnt red.
  7. I just stick a clothing catalog at the bottom of mine and no sag!
  8. I worry about the edges, even covered, stretching or tearing the sides of the bag. A magazine is more pliable & seems safer to me. I think some members have been doing the plexi thing for a while, how about it. Have you noticed any stretching? I want to try something in my epi 30.
    Help!! Please.
  9. You round the corners off and cut it just a tad smaller.
  10. WOW!!! that's brilliant!!!
  11. My DH bought it at Home Depot and cut it to size himself. You do need a special type of tool/saw though. I forgot what he called it.:shame: If you need more info let me know and I'll find out for you. Perhaps if you bring the bag with you they can cut and sand the sides for you right there. It works like a charm.:P
  12. If it's cut to the correct size there is no stretching. My DH smoothed all the sides so there is no chance of tears. It works great. There is no sagging. What I also like about it is it is super light and it's clear so you really don't even know it's there.
  13. what size speedy do you have, and what are the measurements of your plexiglass??? And can someone post their pics of the plexiglass...I'm not getting the visual on this!
  14. I used a piece of corrugated plastic -- it's made like corrugated cardboard. It is super super light and easy to cut with scissors so you can round the edges. And it is very sturdy.