plexi paddy tote query.

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  1. ok ladies i have a plexi paddy tote, its made of that really soft leather, mouton i think it is (sheepskin i believe), and its very delicate. does anyone know of anything that can be put on it to protect it? i have heard about yellowing,
    here it is i think some of your had this bag.

  2. Completely off topic, but I love your little sparkly purple b*m*b watermark!

    I had a 07 blanc baby paddy and I had it maybe 5 months at least? The day I got it I sprayed it twice with a water & stain proofing spray, and then almost every time before I used it again, and it held up perfectly. No yellowing or discolouring. I think a spray would be most effective IMO. Less residue on the bag to possibly react with the leather.

    But that was regular paddy leather, I think the 08 leather is quite different :shrugs:
  3. this is different again, its extremly soft! apparently its the same leather they use to make ugg boots! very delicate in white, but so light! the other 2008 bags i have are lamb skin and are light but have a shinny apparence.
  4. Beautiful bag - not sure about this leather, but I have an Edith tote in white that I used Apple Guard on and thus far, it's been fine.
  5. I found this for my Ugg Boots when I was heading to the snow for a day. I imagine it would be the same thing:

    Spray a bit of Scotch Guard before going out in wet weather in them, but it has to be reapplied. Slight wet will get the outer leather wet, but won't penetrate to the sheepskin. The problem is that sheepskin is a soft leather, not a hard leather, so you can't rub in the standard water repelling lotion.

    I am sure it does not have to be Scotch Guard just a water proofing spray.:tup:

    By the way I absolutely love this bag!
  6. thanks it was my sisters, i was ment to be trying to sell it for her but i quite liked it so now its mine!
    its sooo soft and sooo light! its like a sherling type material!! im just wondering where its white, how im going to keep it clean!?
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    havent posted pics of this one yet so here are a few...
  8. She is gorgeous!! :blush: I saw this bag in a boutique while I was in Italy a couple of months ago in black. I ran in and held it...she was so soft we were in Venice. I wanted to wait till I was in Rome....never saw her again!:crybaby:

    I am not sure how to keep it clean either :shrugs:. Looks like you are definately going to have to baby it. Congratulations on another fantastic Bag! :yahoo:
  9. i love it but im not sure how im going to keep it clean? it a true white to!
  10. Maybe once it its sprayed that will help a little. I have a pair of suede boots in a light tan that were getting horribly dirty.:sad: I had them cleaned and sprayed with a water proofing spray even though they will never see rain. I now notice that they stay much cleaner and I am not wearing them any less.

    The color does look truely white! I say try the spray and baby it as much as possible.:tup:
  11. It is gorgeus. I am fond of the plexi paddys. Not sure what you need to use on it though.
  12. I have an 08 plexi paddington in sable, which I think is the same delicate leather as yours. I have not used it yet, because the weather here is too yucky, but I have sprayed it twice with AppleGaurd Spray and it didn't discolor or spot the leather.
  13. i remember when some of the girls on here had this bag they treated it and noticed yellowing! my concern is that it white! it a gorgeous bag!!! but im wondering if i will be scared to use it!

    i could try on a bit of leather inside maybe and see how it gets on!?
  14. That would be a good idea :yes:

    I'm sure it will be fine though :heart:

    I remember when I first got my blanc paddy I was a bit scared to use her (you and my cobbler probably know just how clumsy I really can be!) but to get over it I just sprayed her and then took her out the next day. And I kept her clean! :nuts::roflmfao:

    (well, apart from one little mark on the corner which I think was from rubbing up against a wall or something. No idea when that happened, didn't notice till I was selling her) So make sure you protect the corners :yes:
  15. i was just worried because the leather is so different! nice though!