Plethora of "prestige"???!!!

  1. So, I was at the mall yesterday and it was PACKED, and I'm pretty sure 1 out of every 3 people were carrying or wearing LV!
    Is it just me, or does EVERYONE and their dog have LV now? It's kinda making me not wanna even bother. I used to consider LV a much more prestigious designer and felt proud to own an abundance of it, but now when I see 13 year olds carrying LV, it makes me wanna start turning to Chanel for comfort!!!
    What's the point of spending $600+ on a handbag one third of the city owns??!!!! :push::tdown:
  2. I dont live in a big city but when I go to the mall where the LV is, I see a lot for what I am used to, a lot are classic styles. Don't forget LV has sooo many different lines, that way one can stand out from the rest :smile:
  3. The point....I love LV, and I'll never stop obsessing. Besides, probably most of the 13 yr olds you are referring to are carrying a 'replica'. As long as YOU know you have the real thing that's all that matters. :smile:
  4. I see 13 year olds carrying Chanel here...not sure if it's authentic or not.
  5. I see a ton of fake Chanel bags here. The place where I get my nails done sells them out of the back room. UGH!!! There's fakes of every designer. I carry what I want to carry and could care less what others think! That's the attitude you have to take.
  6. Who cares what everyone else is wearing? I wear LV because I love LV. If someone else has one, just means they have great taste. My 4 year old carries LV, LOL. Hell, even my Great Grandma wore LV. It would be a shame if people were so easily influenced by others.
  7. I couldn't agree more. My 14 year old daughter carries authentic LV and of course so do I.
  8. There are tons of no name/cheap brands that few people carry, and the styles change even more frequently than many designer goods. Does that make those bags more exclusive?

    Edit: On second thought, 'exclusive' is not the word, more like 'desirable/coveted'.
  9. I agree!!
    I buy LV because I love it. I don't let what others carry influence me either way. I see a ton of fakes at my school and a ton of authentic LVs at my mall...neither one makes me want to carry my bags less.
    Honestly, if you don't want to "bother" with LV anymore, you don't have to, luckily there are many other brands/designers you can experiment with.

    This kind of reminds me of the topic that was shut down in Coach yesterday..someone came into the board where there are MANY people who love the bags and brand and asked if they thought the bags were "overrated." Tsk tsk, I doubt you'd get too many people to agree with you on that one, especially being in a forum dedicated to that brand.

  10. YES, I saw that thread...and it's funny you said that because I thought the same exact thing!!! :rolleyes:

  11. I hear you.:yes: IMO, any brand can lose some of it's appeal once it becomes overexposed.
  12. I'm actually glad AND it warms my heart when people carry Vuitton, authentic of course. That means that others are appreciating the brand ! :yes:
  13. Boo.. of course you'd say that you Hermes traitor ! :p:graucho:
  14. I see lots of fake LV.. more so than the real thing.
  15. OMG, after seeing Britney Spears with an H, makes me want to reconsider!:shocked: Trust me!:push: