Plese help me to deside on my new Louis


Witch Louis vuitton Messanger should i get

  1. Citadin

  2. Abbesses

  3. Bastille

  4. Naviglio

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I need help on desideing with louis vuitton messanger i should get.
    It is between the.
    Please tell me witch one i should get.
  2. I like the Naviglio.
  3. Citadin
  4. They are all nice, it just depends on your size and what fits comfortably on you. Go try em on!!
  5. Bastile
  6. Is this your first bag? If it is go for the Abbesses
  7. ^^ no this will be my 5th Louis vuitton bag.
  8. Citadin...I Like That One A Lot! :smile:
  9. i'm voting for the Abbesses
  10. Naviglio
  11. Abbesse and Bastille are same in terms of shape. But mono looks much better, so Abbesse here.
  12. Naviglio:yes::yes:
  13. Abesses or bastille
  14. i like the abbesses
  15. The Bastille!!