plese help! bought my first fake how to proceed with return

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  1. I just got a LV Alma looked at on authenticate this and it is a fake!:sad: I just received bag 3 days ago after paying $40.00 for shipping from Canada which was not specified until I purchased it. It took 19 days to receive bag and the receipt she sent was from Japan and had the purchase date of January 2006, and the date code on bag stated bag was made in 2008!:nogood: My first clue something was wrong! The seller stated "authentic double money back guarantee, remember receipt is included" in the auction. My question is do I tell her the bag was looked at on TPF and is not authentic and I would like to return, or should I get something in writing from Caroldiva for proof. Am I responsible for the $40.00 shipping fee I already paid and the much lower fee to ship it back or is she? This is my first experience returning an item and I really need advice. Thanks! Luckyladybug
  2. Ebay auction?
    Paid w/ Paypal?
    Have you contacted the seller?
  3. Yes it was ebay auction. Yes I paid with Paypal. No I have not contacted seller, I anted to get some advice before I did since I"ve never dealt with a situation like this before. I really don"t even know if she would reverse payment with paypal or how a situation like this is handled. Do you have any idea?
  4. You never can tell how a seller will react.
    Since it's PP/ebay, you can file a SNAD - Significantly not as described.
    Log onto PP, go to the Resolution Center, and file a dispute for SNAD. PP will notify the seller of your dispute. Be very specific in stating the problems with the bag. Personally, in the situation you described below, I would file the dispute now and escalate to a claim ASAP.
    It is safest to only converse w/ the seller via the PP Dispute Console. This keeps a RECORD of all that is said and PP can view it.
    You can also CALL PP if you need help.

    Whatever you do... DO NOT send the bag BACK to the seller unless PP tells you to. DO NOT believe a seller when they email and say "send it back and I will refund you". Go thru PP so that there is RECORD of every correspondance.

    PP may have you send bag back, may or may not refund shipping, may or may not require a letter of non-auth from caroldiva. File your claim and they will tell you what they require.

  5. Just curious - I didn't see the photos but why was it found to be fake? Was it strictly the receipt?

  6. ditto w/ellie mae
  7. Thanks every one for the advice. DemRam, Addie told me it was fake after looking at the pictures. Should I go back and ask her why so I can tell Paypal? I don"t mean to appear dense but I"m new to TPF and I didn"t know if Addie would be offended if I asked her why she said it was fake or if that was a logical question. Thanks, Luckyladybug
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    Thankfully I haven't had to deal with this, so I would do what the ladies on this forum suggested. I was just concerned that a decision was being made based solely on a receipt, which could very well have been mixed up - especially if the seller sells a lot of LV bags.

    I'm just not sure what Paypal requires of you. I don't know if you have to "prove" it's a fake OR if the seller has to prove it's not.

    Good luck. I hope you are able to get this resolved without too much hassle.

  9. Go back to your post in LV Auth this and ask would the ladies mind PM'ing you as to WHY FAKE, as you are now going to file a PP claim and it can be beneficial to your case to state WHY in your claim.Be sire and refer back to the post that shows your photos so that they can look at them again.
    Post the ebay auction to if you like....
    Also, PRINT your auction. And then POST your auction on the LV forum Place for Fakes and ask the ladies to report it. It can help your claim if the listing is pulled by ebay for Trademark Violation.
  10. ditto, but it also wouldn't hurt to get a letter from CarolDiva to back up the claim with a letter that Paypal will accept.
  11. Agreed.. but sometimes the seller's know their bags are fake and, once challenged, will agree to refund without any further hassle, and the letter is not needed. Won't know until the seller responds.
  12. what alma? monogram brown canvas.....please send me a pictures and I can let you know.....
  13. They are posted in the LV forum.. Addy had confirmed. Post 1151.
    And if you can PM OP some tips as to WHY fake to use in her PP claim, this would be very good!:tup:
  14. Ellie......just found the pictures and DEFINATELY FAKE!!!!

    Definately try and get a refund.......