1. Do you remember that Friends episode?:P

    Anyway ---- I am sooooo tempted to buy a Dior Baudrier Saddle Bag! A friend of mine has one (in a different colour) and I love it and you know, the whole horse thing.... and my H bags are at the spa now and I need something new......

    Am I completely crazy? WHat do you guys think about this bag?? Is it too in-your-face? I like it in light brown.......

    Please let me know your thoughts and also if you think that I should just breathe in breathe out and forget about the Baudrier and stay focused on Hermes....

    Thanks!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. My thought is...wait...
  3. breathe in.....breathe out......repeat 20 x
  4. C. what happened did Hello throw you or kick you in the head:wtf: What are you thinking, of all people:nuts: You are having a bad day, that must be it. We are your support group here and we all want you to stay the course. Hey isn't that a horsey term?:P NOOOOOOO Dior! BE STRONG:heart:
  5. I don't know the bag personally....and I do think it's okay to have other bags if it's something you are really, really lusting after...but will it meet your H standards??!!!
  6. OK Ladies thank you!!!! I knew I could count on you! Maybe it's because the weather is changing or something...... ;)

    I am staying the course! FOCUS! breath in breath out breath in breath out....

    You know what, normally I laugh (not in a mean way, just to myself) or go tsk tsk tsk when other ladies wonder if they should stray. Thinking: why would anybody want to carry anything other than Hermes? And now this! It happened to me too!!! Thanks for your support!!! Love ya all!
  7. Sounds like you had a mild transient concussion:graucho:
  8. Nothing wrong with a little variety...:graucho: (Says one who is lusting after a Chanel Cerf) :lol:
  9. Chanel is always acceptable to an H girl;) That's the bag we wear when we are trying to be under the radar:lol:
  10. I thought that would be Bolide or Plume ;) ?:graucho:
  11. LaVan slapping HELLO ... what are you thinking? :lecture: I'm just kidding. :supacool:

    I also suggest to wait, especially since you seem only to have the craving for the Dior bag since your H bags are in the spa.

  12. Very true. But I need something to wear other than H. when the weather is bad;) Also, it comes in handy when you are at a business function and you don't want to outdo the other ladies by wearing your Kelly. Even a Trim can cause a reaction, it has happened to me. Chanel is more accessable, and who knows, the dopes might even think it is a knockoff and then you are really off the hook:upsidedown:
  13. WHAT?!!?!??!?!! Did I read this right???? DIOR????? oh dear, Hello. No. Chanel on the other hand.......hmmmmm....
  14. The Chanel Cerf would actually be more expensive than my Hermes bag. :biggrin:
  15. OMG, ROTFL!!! :roflmfao:

    I too, agree with just waiting! :flowers:
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