pleese help! How much are the nakeds and does anyone know what styles they come in?

  1. Does anyone know what different styles come in naked and how much they are? and which ones does anyone think would look good on someone with a 5 foot, 3 inch frame? cause i reaaaally luv the nakeds!:drool::drool::drool::heart::heart::yes:
  2. I want one too!!!! I believe you have a choice of a flap or tote. If I am not mistaken, the flap is $895.00 and the tote is $995.00.
  3. o good because i have a spending limit of $1200 so i'll have some leftover cash lol, but i can't find pictures of them anywhere
  4. [​IMG]

    I found this image of the different bags, not sure if its all of them but it has 3 different styles that are shown
  5. WTF is that large tote? I would totally buy that!! AHHH!! Anyone know?
  6. That giganto one is the only one I like! That would make a great beach bag!:yes:
  7. I actually like the flap over the tote, IMO.
  8. Me too!!
  9. i have the medium sized tote in gold h/w and adore it...........the flap, as cute as can be, but doesn't fit much, and the huge one, imo, loses the classiness of the smaller ones.........and becomes cartoonish. (but like Swanky said, a great beach bag!) oh, btw, medium tote is $950
  10. Does anyone know who got that huge tote??
  11. Swanky I totally agree..I was thinking the same thing!! :p
  12. I like the big tote too!
  13. I want the flaps! Is it still available in U.S.?
  14. The large is GIGANTOR!!! Perfect beach bag!
  15. How much is the gigantic bag?