pleeese help a sista out!!!!!!!

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which do you prefer?

  1. black patent ergo tote

  2. navy patent pleated ergo satchel

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i am ready to buy my next bag but i am debating between a black patent ergo tote or the navy patent pleated ergo. i know alot of you love the navy ergo and i do too but i also love the black patent so i just dont know what to get. :confused1:can you please vote on this poll and tell me the reason why you chose that one? thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much!!!!!!!!!;):yahoo:
  2. I vote for the tote because I like big bags and I think you will keep more things there. The other is nice too but I think I like more the tote.
  3. I will tell u when I get my pleated satchel in less than 12 hours.
  4. i saw one of my coworkers pleated satchel today, and i have to say that it's GORGEOUS. Not as ginormous as i was expecting it to be, either. it's so so so pretty (and that's why i pick that one!)

    my pink one should be here tomorrow!
  5. im sorry, i would have to say pink pleated, but the navy ones are yummy my vote goes to navy patent!
  6. I say go to for the tote, it seems more versatile and classic.
  7. I may in the minority here, but I voted for the tote. I think the satchels are beautiful, but I want to be able to wear my bags comfortably over my shoulder, and I think the totes are more suited to that. I wish the totes and hobos came in the same fun colors that the satchels come in though!
  8. I am shocked to say that I voted for the navy patent. The reason being that the navy color goes with black and it goes great w/ brown. Its also great for the summer with all the summery colors. Much more variety with the navy. The only thing is the size. Are they very different in size? Is one much bigger or is it close? I would take that into account when you are deciding. Good Luck and have fun.
  9. I voted for the navy patent satchel because I have one! LOL... no really, it truly is a great bag to wear... its very versitile... I'm gonna say this again... you can wear it on your shoulder very comfortably IMO... its almost too long of a drop to wear as a satchel... longer than most satchels I think...
  10. In most cases, i'm all about color...

    I dont know what to say here, I guess it depends on the outfits you will be wearing...

    The navy would be great with dark jeans.. The black is more classic...

    Ok, i like color.. go for navy!!!
  11. I vote the black ergo tote. The satchel to me looks too much like the Sigrid Olsen patent satchel, at four times the (current ebay) price.

    And, okay, I'm not a fan of navy... :P
  12. I just voted for the black patent ergo tote because it seems more versatile for everyday but you could make the navy pleated ergo your everyday bag as well so I'm not sure.
  13. I vote for the satchel. I love it so much.
  14. I also voted for the tote because I think it's more classic. But I agree with Fashionista that I wish the large Ergo tote came in some pretty patent colors. The only color I like in that tote is black and I don't want another black bag. Maybe some day!
  15. thanks girls for your votes!! i still havent made up my mind yet though so please keep those votes coming!!!!!!!:yahoo: