Pleeeease help me feel less guilty

  1. I just called my wonderful SA in Singapore and asked her to keep me informed if she has any news about a luxury bowler. I just wanted to confess that I do feel very very guilty about wanting to buy ANOTHER Chanel esp since I just got my black reissue!!

    As I've mentioned in earlier threads, I am getting married end of this year and really need to save up all my spare cash for the (very expensive) wedding and doing up our new apartment! But at the same time, I am sooo addicted to Chanel and I know the luxe bowler is such a difficult bag to get now. My SA said there should not be any more coming in! So please please help me feel less guilty should I manage to get one...

    Oh one more thing, my fiance would KILL me if I do get another Chanel now. He really really would, I know he'd be very very angry at me for being so extravagant!:crybaby: Please tell me if this is all worth it..
  2. well, what u can say to yr fiancee is that the price of chanel will keep increasing, thus, it's more worth it to buy now than later... , especially with the price increase in Sept

    hehe.. at least that is what I tell my hubby when I'm going to buy 3 Chanels in the span of a month... :graucho:
  3. Well, if you have enough money to spare for your Luxe Bowler, go for it. :biggrin:
  4. Plus they will be nice to wear with your outfits on your honeymoon......;):heart:
  5. Honestly, if I felt that guilty about it, or if my fiancee will be "very very angry" with me for being extravagant, I wouldn't get the bowler. Or I'd sell something else to fund it. I wouldn't be able to enjoy it if getting the bag brings so much financial hardship or guilt. JMHO.
  6. i know what its like to yearn and "lust" over bag after bag after bag, and most of the time i'm quite the enabler! :lol:
    however, in your situation, i do feel that much as you love this bag, is it worth getting it at the expense of your "relationship" between you and your fiance? I honestly don't think any bag, no matter how beautiful, wonderful, glorious etc is worth harming your relationship. If you are patient, you can always find this bag on eBay at a later time, these pop up fairly often. Focus on the more important things in life right now (your impending wedding, congrats btw :yahoo: and the apartment-- i'm from singapore too so i know what you mean about property being SO EXPENSIVE), and good luck staying strong! it is so difficult to resist the allure of a beautiful chanel bag, but sometimes i think we all need to! :sweatdrop:
  7. Oh i know how you feel...

    My credit cards are so full and all i can do is think of how i am going to juggle my dark silver metallic reissue together with the red expandable tote.

    It probably is not really worth it if it would cause problems with your fiance BUT i know how hard it is to stop.

  8. I am sure you know what to do deep down but it I totally understand what you mean!

    Well, maybe you could take some time and think about it and also like what others have already offerred - sell something that you don't really use?

    But I know what you mean about wanting to buy bag after bag!

    Congrats on your wedding!
  9. Yeah, I agree too. Me and my HB have a joint account for shared expenses and savings. I buy bags using my 'own' money, thus, he has nothing to say abt it. He also doesn't want me to 'dictate' what he can/cannot buy, although I will try to 'sway' him in the other direction sometimes... lol :roflmfao:
  10. Hi Shiny hair...I understand the 'addiction', I bought 2 in June and 1 in July, I have told myself to go slow, if not very soon there'll be nothing to look forward to...:p

    I have to agree with Nightshade about the rltship part...
    and even though we might all be spending our own hard earn's best to have the understanding from your the other half if you do buy the bag now, there's no right or wrong on buying that lovely bag......:smile:
  11. Thanks for the advice! You are probably right, I don't actually know how much me getting the bag would harm our r/s but I do know that he would be quite upset with me sigh...I really do want to get it now, but I guess maybe I will wait. Haha nice to see so many Singaporeans on this forum, most of you seem to be living overseas though!! Yes, it's so hard to justify the price of a Chanel bag to my fiance, esp when the same amount of money could buy us a flat-screen plasma TV for our apartment as well as money left over for maybe a DVD player!!! Sigh...
  12. Yes I know you're right there...If I wasn't getting married I don't think there would be a problem. He might not be too happy but he wouldn't get that upset. It's the fact that we are both saving for something that belongs to both of us, and I go and spend so much money on something that only I can enjoy. Guess it seems a bit selfish on my part...
  13. I do know what to do...I will wait. I told myself when I got my reissue that I would not get another designer bag till next year! I kind of was only supposed to get one this year but I went and got my Miu Miu Coffer AND this Chanel reissue, so kind of exceeded my quota! Haha.. Thanks so much for the advice though, really appreciate it. I don't have anything I really want to sell, that's the problem =(
  14. hehe I'd worry about losing them in my luggage or whether they'd be stolen from the hotel!!
  15. I understand what you feel. It is hard to resist another. It's like others said not worth risking your relationship over though.
    Also, think of it this way (I would anyhow..) you won't enjoy carrying it as much if your fiancee won't be able to look at it with pride (as in: 'look at my pretty girl with her pretty bag'). This way, the bag will probably loose it shine pretty soon :sad: and that would be such a waste!
    Focus on the other exciting things that are going to happen in your life right now.
    Besides, chanel will always be there, maybe next year with an even more beautiful bag in it's collection you can't resist, start daydreaming about that! Good luck and let us know if you're holding on!;)