Pleeease tell me he will grow out of this!

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  1. My golden retriever, male, 11 months of age, is horrible to walk! Ok maybe not 'horrible'... he has good days and bad days but the bad days are still fairly common. I need advice!

    Firstly, he does this thing where if a person walks past, he stops. He won't move until the person is out of sight! Can you imagine when we're on a street and I have to wait until the person is out of sight? Worst thing is, I can't pull him because he's far too big, and i'm a tiny little Asian girl.

    Then, if someone else is walking their dog, I have to avoid the dog because otherwise he tries to play with their dog! My dog is huge, and I know, need to be trained so on so forth, but I have trained him... he only listens to me when I have food, or at least he used to, now he doesn't even listen to me when I eat food. I don't know what to do about this? He literally drags me across the road to go meet the other dog!

    He also chases birds. He's 35kg, and it's hard to not be dragged by a 35kg dog running towards birds!

    Then he also kind of goes berserk when he sees a patch of grass is covered with fertiliser. He just rolls over and rolls in it and I don't know what to do. Some people have suggested that I just walk really fast past the grass, but if I pull on him too hard he just sits down and refuses to walk, and that's whenever I pull him too hard!

    So I don't really know what to do. I mean lots of people have given me advice about how I need to show him i'm boss, and just make him walk. But it's impossible, he's far too heavy for me to keep pulling when he's not walking. Ah it's such a dilemma, so please help.
  2. Have you heard of a "dog behaviorist" by the name of Ceasar Milan? His methods are pretty good! I read his book and also watch his show called the "Dog Whisperer"...which they show on the National Geographic channel. Youtube also has vids is you look up his name.

    Good luck! :smile:
  3. Is your dog sterilised? I would consider getting him sterilised if not.
    Also I would consider starting some obedience classes :smile: They're really helpful in training both owner and pet so that both expect the same thing from each other!
  4. Lol sorry... I don't know what sterilised means... does it mean 'desexed'? In that case yes, he was desexed months ago.

    I have taken him to obedience classes, maybe I should take him to other ones? He just seems so happy to see other people and animals that he forgets that he's on a walk! He listens to me all other times, as long as no one is around to distract him. I think my dog has attention disorders!
  5. Have a look at Cesar Millan's site and his show The Dog Whisperer. Get one of his videos if you don't get the National Geographic channel. The man is a miracle worker. I've used some of his methods with my dogs and it will work. You just have to stick with it.

    Edit note: By the way dogs don't "grow out" of bad behaviors. If anything, the behaviors will get worse. The only way for both of you to be happy is good training and consistent discipline.
  6. Sorry to say he won't grow out of it he has to be trained not to act that way. I would take him to a really good obedience class. Tell the trainer the problems you are having and he/she should be able to help you. If the dog is stronger than you you will have to get this problem under control NOW. Luckily the problems you describe are common and any good trainer can tell you how to solve them. You have to teach your dog that YOU are the boss. What you say goes. It's called being the alpha. Once he knows you are the boss he will do what you tell him with no fighting. Good luck.
  7. It's good I asked, a lot of my friends say 'he'll grow out of it' but I do realise they all have smaller dogs who they're physically able to pick up when they cause trouble on walks.

    I will look at this dog whisperer and talk my mum into taking him to obedience again. He's our shared dog, and she doesn't understand English well so she's always reluctant to go, but i'm a uni student and i'm hard pressed juggling work and uni. Poor dog, I love him and he's a smart dog but I feel like we're neglecting his intelligence.
  8. i agree about looking into ceaser milan's methods. the show is very helpful and i'm sure the books are too. i've used a lot of his suggestions when walking dogs at my local shelter. i've been able to walk huge powerful pulling pitbulls and rottie mixes within minutes with no problems.
  9. Cesar's great! There is also something called "The Gentle Leader" or "Halty" that goes over the dog's nose and tightens when he triies to get ahead of you. It's not cruel or anything at all. I've never used it but my next door neighbor uses it for her 80 lb. Golden retriever and loves it. Mind you, it's not a replacement for good solid training but it is a bandaid for your situation.