Pleeease Help Me Find A Stam Bag!

  1. I have been searching for a stam bag but I've had no such luck in being able to secure a purchase:worried: . Can you ladies and gents be of any assistance? I also am very in love with the baby stam, and I thought that since you girls always seem to find the best deals that I would start my search in the forum.Thanks:biggrin:
  2. Call either the MJ store in San Francisco--ask for Laura--she's very nice. Or call the MJ store in Las Vegas, ask for Kay. She's nice too! The last I heard both stores had a number of Stams!

    The only thing to keep in mind is that if you return the bag, you can only get store credit.
  3. you can also check with Net-A-Porter, last week they had a new stock of stams... email them and they'll help you
  4. I'm pretty sure the Stams NAP had last week were returns. Usually when they get new shipments, they put them up in What's New in Shoes & Accessories, and they didn't on those. Not that it matters, just a tidbit.
  5. I was at MJ San Francisco yesterday and they had black, camel and bronze Stams in stock. The bronze was gorgeous!
  6. Was the camel pretty?
  7. hi there....first post here. i found out about this through's a pic of the bronze over on that site. As far as tracking one down, i would suggest calling all of the MJ stores nationwide (i heard the las vegas store had several) and asking them to ship to you. I know eluxury, Neimans, and bergdorf have been sold out for quite a while. i was lucky enough to score one last fall in taupe, two days before everyone sold out. good luck!
  8. I didn't care too much for the camel, but I've never been a fan of camel brown tones. It's a true camel--not too light or dark--so I'm sure those searching for a camel bag will like this shade.

    I didn't expect to like the bronze (I had seen it in the bowler and wasn't sure how it would look in the Stam) but was surprised to really, really love it. It would be a great seasonless neutral that could work with almost anything.
  9. Hi JUN!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Are you looking for the stam or baby stam? MJ SF has tons.

    bergdorf has the baby stam in gold for $795:

    so does neiman's:
  11. I love the Stam and am just learning more about it. So there are only 2 sizes? The Baby and 'regular' Stam? I like the Stam with the handles - do they only come in one big size, like 16 x14 or something like that or is there a smaller size with the handles?

  12. There really is just one size of the STAM which is the regular one and probably the one that you like with the handles and the optional gold shoulder strap. however, MJ has lots of quilted bags that people have nicknamed after the STAM because of its popularity.
    realstam.jpg picture of my stam.

    The baby STAM is really the small quilted clutch. there are no handles and the gold shoulder strap is not a removable feature. you can hide it inside but you can not take it off like the STAM. this is the first clue in identifying a fake baby stam.
    [​IMG] picture from

    Then there is the mini STAM, which really is the East/West quilted frame bag.
    [​IMG]picture from

    The spring/summer 2006 line has the quilted satchel which does not have the kisslock top but has zipper closure and instead of handles has two gold shoulder straps instead.
    [​IMG]picture from

    The quilted Venetia satchel does not have the kisslock clasp or gold shoulder strap, but has the two handles and a zipper closure and front buckle. More rectangular in shape.
    [​IMG]picture from

    The quilted Blake satchel also does not have kisslock clasp but instead a zipper, no gold shoulder strap but longer handles, and more squarish shape.
    [​IMG] picture from
  13. theITbag,

    Thanks so much for the explanations and pictures! I really like 'the STAM', ie original but it's just too big for me. Too bad there isn't a smaller version with the handles and chain. :sad:
  14. theITbag, your Stam bag is gorgeous! Is it the '05 slouchy leather or the new '06 more structured bag?
  15. the new s/s 06 line.