Pleeaseee, help! Can't take decision...

  1. I read you talked about the large Chloè Paddington hobo, (which is very big for me) vs. the traditional Paddy. But I also found the bag I'm attaching, which is a medium one. I like it... as I like Paddy... what's your opinion: better a medium hobo, or a traditional beautyful Paddington? I'd like an advice and I thank you in advance for the opinions you'll give me.

    Anyway in a short time I'm sure I'll totally lose control and buy the first Chloè bag I see.....
  2. I would get the medium satchel, it's the size I prefer personally big enough for every day use and still "small" enough for an evenenig out! Now if you already have a couple of them, I would go for a change...
  3. I would get the regular satchel too!
  4. Thank you!! No: it would be my first Chloè bag.... since I saw it, I started thinking: no, I will not, I cannot... I have so many things to do (getting married, buying a house!!)... no space for that bag.
    But now I admit I like all of them!!!:heart: So, I decided I will buy one, for now... but it's so hard to take a decision!
  5. Getting married! Better buy a Paddy now before life becomes just too darned practical - LOL!
  6. I say regular satchel!!!
  7. Get the regular satchel... you won't regret it.
  8. Regular satchel. No question!! That is the bag, the shape, the style, that made the Paddington famous and for good reason. The others? They're nice, but none of them would have become what they are without the mainstay regular satchel. That's why they call it the IT bag! (Not that I give a crap about celebrity purses, believe me.)
  9. :yahoo:YESSSSSS!!!!!!! From this point of view I totally agree.... sometimes I get too responsible, but life is short, isn't it?? :wlae: I will!!!
  10. I thank you all: you helped me to take my decision and now I'll go straight toward my lovely bag.:yes: It's so nice to get comprehension when you have to take these HARD DECISIONS!!! I also thank you if you could stand my poor english, you're very nice.