Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins

  1. Anyone read this? (Ladies in sororites, I'm looking in your direction! :search: )

    What did everyone think?
  2. I read about half of it..set it down and have not picked it up.

    It was interesting, but I think it pretty extreme!! I don't believe that all sororities are like the ones that were mentioned in the book. But, I went to a college where the greek life was not as large as it was in the book.
  3. Caitlin, No I Never Read This....I'm Going To Look It Up, Right Now...BRB!
  4. I Typed My Post & Didn't Hit Reply...I Saw It.....It Looks Good. Did You Ever Read It?
  5. One of my ChiO friends has this book... I've read the first chapter or so of it once when visited OSU... she seemed to like it. (not sure what that really means)
    It describes a very different greek scene than what I'm used to. I think its supposed to be set at SMU, where greek life rules all and the girls are very rich... the book talks about BMW's, designer purses, etc.
    I go to a small private liberal arts university that only has three sororites. Girls dont really flaunt their money like that here... And girls at my school are pretty geniune (for the most part). They aren't stuck up at all or fake during rush. And they dont lie or manipulate like this book suggests
  6. In Reality, You Don't Know What Goes On (Good, Bad, Whatever)...Unless It's You.
  7. i have never read it. hmmm. interested to read it know. will see if i can pick it up tomm.
  8. Ok.....Now I'm Really Getting Interested.........

  9. very well said;) .
  10. Thank You Doulos :smile:
  11. Here's the Barnes & Noble link:

    Barnes & - Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities - Alexandra Robbins - Paperback

    For the longest time, I was regretting not rushing a sorority. (My school was way too small to do anything like that, but I was a part of the Campus Activites Board.) Gradually, I came to realize that, while it would've been fun, I got my meaningful experience with CAB, and that it would've been REALLY cool to have things involving Greek letters.

    (I'm obsessed with Greek letters . . . hence the omega tattoo on my back.)

    But I figure if I wanted something with Greek letters on it, like a t-shirt or something, I could just have a Delta Nu sweatshirt made, or something.

    I am by no means trivializing the Greek system. I know how much it means to people and how it builds relationships and friendships and blah, blah, blah . . . . (A friend of mine is a Tri Delt and she speaks very highly of it.)

    I liked the "peek inside" sororities it gave. I don't know HOW realistic it was, but I liked reading about their day to day lives. I liked reading about Rush and the Greek Games.

    There's a part of the book that reveals the sorority's secrets. That went a little too far for me. I mean, there's a reason why those things are secret, and you have to be a sister to be privy to those things. I remember reading it, feeling like I was reading someone's diary, or something. Like, "Should I REALLY be reading this?"

    The author wrote a book about another secret society. (What IS it with her and secret societies? The author went to Yale, and was a member of a secret society herself.) It's called Secrets of the Tomb. I remember reading it, I read about half of it and now I can't find it anywhere.
  12. hmmm. interesting.
  13. Caitlin....Very Interesting!!! You Would Have Been A Great Sorority Sister!!!!! :smile:
  14. i read it. it was interesting, but extreme. i think the author pandered to the stereotypes a bit, but some of it was pretty acurate. i liked reading all the experiences she and all the girls she interviewed had, but i wish she would have left the interpreting up to the readers.

    like bagluv don't really know (good bad or otherwise) unless you live it. sororities are so dependent on the girls involved in any given experience was completely different than even those of the girls the year ahead or below me in the same chapter.

    i wouldn't take the section about secrets very seriously...i didn't after i got to the snippet (and it really was only about half a sentance) about mine and it was wrong. :smile: