Pleaty question

  1. Not talking about the mini pleaty, but does the pleaty come in fuschia? I saw a fake one on ebay and sad to say, that design + fuschia looked really cute =/
  2. yes it does come in fuchsia. Look it up in eluxury for pictures. it also comes in green. I want to get a fuchsia one someday!
  3. Eluxury doesn't have it =( They only have the Mini Pleaty
  4. evolkatie .. i was dyying to get a denim pleaty in either pink/green, but unfortunately it wasnt included in the new colors production, the sac wasnt produced in the new colors either .. however, my SA offered me to try special ordering it, stilll thinking about it, im not even sure i'll be still liking it untill it arrives. its ok for me, 3 new collections are going to be released b4 2006 ends ;D
  5. mass, pleaty was ONLY made in blue denim .. im 100% sure
  6. How much more is special ordering? 30% on top of the original?
  7. ^^^^ that's what it says on the lv website. :yes: only blue.
  8. oops sorry! I got too excited in answering!! I thought you asked about the mini pleaty and not the pleaty! Sorry again!!!
  9. [​IMG] comes in green and fuschia as well the blue

  10. The pleaty is my favorite bag from the denim line and I'm disappointed that it doesn't come in fuchsia :cry:
  11. Nope, no fuschia pleaty. The pleaty is a wacky style IMO, hard to set down without you stuff coming out and odd for the arm to wear. After trying on both, I got the mini pleaty in fuschia for color and functionality.
  12. Okay I just photoshoped it to fuschia. I like it =(