Pleaty in Green Denim

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  1. Hi girlz ..:idea:

    does any1 of u have pic of the green denim pleaty? i've checked elux and but nothing is there ... :blink:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i do need a pic ...+ did any1 of u girls bought 1? and 4 those who have it in blue denim .. is it practical or is it few items carrier? ...:wondering
  2. I am going to LV tomorrow..will check it out and let you know....I am interested the the Green GM,personally....cant wait to see the bags IRL
  3. i saw the bags irl on saturday and they are all gorgeous!!!:love:
  4. Jill .. cant wait 2 read ur post ... plzz supply us with pix of ur purchase

    daregirl ... have u bought any? more detailz plzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. I saw one in LV harrods last weekend ... it is amazing :smile: i liked the pink better though .. but since you have a fushia perfo then get the green .. it's really reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy WOW!! :biggrin: i will try to take a pic when i am there next (which is almost every other day!!) haha ..
  6. No, i ended up buying the batignolles horizontal:love: But i tried them on and they really look very very cute!!!
  7. its not even on eBay yet .. am dyyyyyyyyying to see a pic of it .. any one bough it ? in GREEN ?

    Ahhhhhhh i want it soo bad
  8. I saw the mini pleaty in green at the LV store, it was so cute. IMO the green denim is cuter than the fuschia.:biggrin:
  9. I ended up with The baggy in green
  10. Congrats Jill .. its gorgoues ....

    have u seen my baby?
  11. The regular sized Pleaty only comes in blue. I'm not sure why they're not coming out with a green or pink Pleaty.

    I have the blue one and I find it very practical. It fits a lot :smile:
  12. I dont think they have come out with the pleaty [​IMG]in pink or green yet.
    they do have the Mini pleaty[​IMG] in both ..
  13. I saw the green & pink mini-pleaty this weekend. I would have thought I would have loved the pink since I :love: anything pink, but the green really stood out to me!!!
  14. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    i was sleeping this afternoon when my cell phone rang and it was LV .. Sa called to inform me that there would be no Pleaty in Green Denim:cry: she also added that the sac shopper was excluded from the new color ... though she suggested neo speedy .. Baggy Pm .. but aa aa :sad: i need that bag desperately,...

    aside of that .. she confirmed that the mini mono would be discontinued but she didnt have any idea that it would be replaced by a new line ... also she had no idea about mirror mono :blink: ..

    finally . .. she transfered my name from pleaty's list to fall winter's list ..

  15. .Edited out because i see she found out the bag wasnt made..

    Sorry to hear :sad: I think the pleaty would look great in the green and pink denim.
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