Pleaty Clutch or Rivet Pochette


Which one?

  1. Mono Pleaty

  2. Mono Rivet Pochette

  3. Take a chance and wait for Sophie

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok! I really want a Sophie but I am not counting on it coming to the which out of these two do you like better? I already have the regular Mono Pochette & the Panda Pochette. Should I go with the Pleaty as it is a different shape? Or should I just wait and see with the Sophie? Help!
  2. My vote goes for the Mono Rivet Pochette :yes:
  3. I don't like them... try your luck w/ a Sophie!
  4. i would wait for the sophie
  5. My vote is for Sophie too... but second choice would be the Rivet Pochette!
  6. i'd go with the pleaty.
  7. I don't like pleaty, maybe its just me... Go for riveting or wait for sophie!!
  8. Mono Rivet Pochette!
  9. rivet pochette definitely!
  10. I would wait for Sophie, but if the wait is too long, then go for the pleaty. :rolleyes:
  11. I would get the rivet pochette.
  12. Wow- you posted the exact two bags that I am debating on getting! My vote goes for the rivet
  13. I've seen both, and the pleaty clutch is gorgeous!
  14. I think all 3 styles are adorable!:love: Sorry...I'm no help!:shame:
  15. As much as I DO NOT like the Monogram Rivets line, the Pochette looks ok. I'd go for the Rivet Pochette. ;)