Pleated veneta

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2008
    Hi, does anyone know if the pleated veneta is made every season? I'm looking for a black one. Would be great if someone could give me an idea on how much it will cost, in the UK if possible. Thanks.

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  2. I saw one of these yesterday in Charleston, SC. They had black and purple (not sure of real name). It was very nice. I liked it more IRL than I did just from the pics.

    Sorry, I didn't check the price, but it was a medium. I'm not sure if they'll make these every year. Someone with more BV will chime in I'm sure.
  3. the pleated veneta is new to this season, so it's hard to know how "regular" it will be. it's a STUNNING bag though, buy it!!
  4. I have a medium pleated Veneta in black. I don't know exactly what full retail is--I got mine on Bluefly--but I think a medium pleated Veneta costs about the same as a regular large Veneta. As far as I know BV just started making it this season and I don't know if they will continue to make it.
  5. I believe they have the medium and the large on Barneys website.
  6. I have the large in turbolence (purple). It's TDF; the color and the pleating. Sorry, I'm not sure of the UK prices. BTW, the pleating is on both sides.
  7. ^^I think the turbolence is the color I saw IRL yesterday. It did look like my new wallet. It was beautiful!
  8. If I were to get the same exact bag in two colors it would be the pleated Veneta. Like LLANeedle, I have the Turbolence in large and it was such a hard decision. I just love the black and the sheen of the nappa umbria. Capulet - you have a great bag there! Muppy, get one :graucho:
  9. I have the medium pleated Veneta in black and I LOVE it. The pleating gives it a little something. The colors are also amazing-- I was told that they were probably not going to do this bag again next season- is that not true?
  10. jburgh- the pleated Veneta is nappa umbria? I was not aware of that.. I thought all Venetas were nappa, unless special ordered..
  11. I suspect that they will only do the Pleated Veneta for the current season - unless it is so spectacularly successful that they decide to go with the demand and keep it. It seems like they have done special Venetas in the past, such as the Marquise with the cut-outs, the grommet Veneta, and the Veneta with the chains (which probably has a name but I can't remember it) - but only for short periods of time (like one season).
  12. This season's purple (like your wallet, and the Pleated Veneta) is definitely Turbolence piperlu. It is a wonderful color!
  13. ^^The bag I saw was gorgeous. I wish it had been a large. Are the pleats on both sides?
  14. Yep, the pleats are on both sides.:yes:
  15. I thought the black was the only one in nappa umbria. Anyone else know? Bryan are you there?
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