Pleated Spy - Anyone have one?

  1. Does anyone have the pleated spy either in Brown or Cherry? Could you tell me what the leather is like, does the pleats twist at all.
    If anyone has any pictures would be grateful.
    Thank You
  2. Oh Saich I don't have one but have seen quite a few IRL. They look amazing!

    Sorry I can't be of much more help
  3. Thanks Secret, I have found some pictures in an old thread on here but just wondered is the pleates twisted or stood out.
  4. I always wanted to see one IRL but haven't got a chance to yet... thinking of getting it Saich?
  5. Arrrr Megs you know me to well:graucho:
  6. Hi Saich--I have it in brown and it's really the most practical, sturdy and beautiful bag--much prettier than any of the pictures; and once again--sorry I have no pics of mine. It's very elegant, and the leather is so soft and smooth. The pleats remind me a bit of the Fortuny, but they are much less breakable. In the folded sides of the bag, they turn over a bit, but nothing has broken on mine yet. Also, if they do fold over or break, the inner color is very similar to the outer, so it wouldn't stand out as much as the Fortuny. Also, the pleats are quite a bit wider, so they will hold up better, I think. My seller told me she thought the Fortuny was almost designed to have the pleats break so that the turquoise would show through; the pleats are so very thin. The corduroy one isn't at all like that.

    I have to admit, when I got my Fortuny, I did get out my pleated corduroy one and examine it to make sure it wasn't breaking--it reminded me of the Fortuny in appearance, so I wanted to be sure. No problems so far.

    Hope this helps! The bag is just gorgeous. And what really adds an elegant touch is a very bright gold hardware that contrasts beautifully with the dark brown.
  7. Thanks dachsie that help a lot. In my mind the Hologram Fortuny is more delicate and reminds me more of fabric, the pleated looks like real pleated or corduroy leather if you see what I mean.....I wondered if they would turn over or twist so thanks for answering that dachsie:smile:
  8. Saich, I don't have any pictures, but I played with one at the Bangkok Fendi. It is quite sturdy. No bubbles though, but it reminds me of corduroy. All in all, I wasn't too thrilled with it. It wasn't as exciting as the normal lambskin. Quite unfortunate, since I had such great expectations for it. There was one on bluefly for about $2400 in brown not too long ago.
  9. Hi Balenciaga how you doing? thanks for the info they have them on sale in Harvey Nicks in brown very good price was also looking at that Cherry on eBay which I am a bit wary of.
  10. Saich, I think the Cherry one on eBay is TDF! :nuts: So wish I had a bigger purse budget....!:yes:
  11. Very, very strokably soft. No bubbles--it's pure corduroy in leather. It looks elegant, though. Got compliments from an AA flight attendant and from my fashion-forward daughter.
    I had the cherry once and sent it back!! I now have the dark brown. Both are gorgeous. My cherry wasn't pure red looking like in the photos--more of a rich maroon color. If I had it to do over I might choose cherry just because it's something different, but you won't be disappointed in either one.
  12. If you get a good price on it, I think it's worth a splurge. The leather is definitely different than any of the other lambskin spies. I'd definitely be interested in your take if you decide to take the plunge, and of course, pictures pictures pictures. ;)
  13. Yes I think the one on eBay is overpriced as these bags was heavly discounted. The seller said if it does not sell this time around will relist and open to offers. Then their is the discounted Brown ones at Harvey Nicks put would prefer a cherry - but am worried as no bubbles.

    I found a thread on the Fendi section from Fendigal, did a search on Fendi type in the word sequin and her thread came up regarding New spys must have been for 2006 anyway their are some really beautiful pictures on their of the pleated ones.
  14. Oooh... I remember that post... your mentioning that reminded me of the new embroidered cognac, which is oddly growing on me again.... :drool:
  15. I just can't imagine the pleated with bubbles--I think that style wouldn't look right with pleats and lumps...but I could be wrong (have been before--lol!). I believe it's not selling because photos just can't capture its beauty. It's such an elegant bag. (But I'm not trying to talk you into it, Saich! I know you like your bubbles:yes: .) But it's just a shame that all the photos the pleated look so crappy.