Pleated scarves...

  1. I've forgotten where I saw this tidbit....

    Is it true that Hermes will press pleat an Hermes scarf for you, even if it was smooth to begin with?

    Has anyone done this? How much did it cost?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Yes it's true. It costs around $40 I think. But it needs to be sent to Paris and it takes months.
  3. I sent mine in to be pleated, it cost $63 AUD and took approx 11 weeks.
  4. Whoa, is that all?? Lol, I mean I know it's still a long time but where I'm at, deepest, darkest Alaska, the SAs are throwing around the 6mth figure quite liberally whenever pleating is mentioned. I guess, the longer an estimate they give, the more "insurance" they have for ass-covering, in the off chance it does take that long.

    Thanks GF for the info!
  5. S - seriously, go through A at my store....he gets things done so much faster, I've noticed.
  6. ^^Hey there's an idea! Will seriously consider it, there are a couple scarves I'm thinking of pleating... Hmm, maybe I'll use my store for one, and A for the other and do a time test. At this stage, dunno when I'll get onto it but if/when I do, will surely let u know the results, lol!
  7. I was surprised, the (bad word) that used to work there told me "six months minimum,.....maybe 12".......well.....11 weeks later, and I have a nice little round box in my possession!
  8. ^^LOL! U mean, G? LOLOLOL! I thought my store was bad what with "max" 6mths. (Bad Word) takes the cake!
  9. yes...G......he put the G in "UGH"........
  10. I did one! LOVE it cost $80.00 USD and took 6 months and I'm not kidding! I seriously forgot about it and when it arrived it felt like I'd received a new scarf!!!!!

    Here's some pics.....Peony's BEFORE and AFTER!!!!
    _MG_1478pivoines1.jpg _MG_2919Pivoines2.jpg
  11. amazing - it was faster and cheaper from here! Mind you, faster and cheaper could describe a lot of things about Down South Alaska.......
  12. :roflmfao: lmao!!!!!!! I like 'em fast and cheap.......
  13. that's why we get along so well!!!!!!
  14. Oh yes, that's right! SM, you did have your Peony one pleated. It bloody came up a treat! Gorgeous as a plisse! Well worth the wait.
  15. Thanks everyone, for your responses, and the lovely b & a photos!

    Sorry to seem such a dolt...I'm brand new to Hermes scarves--they're so gorgeous and I love the pleats.

    I know they come in large (36") squares, 16' squares, twillys and the new triangle...what is this plisse being mentioned?

    Does H sell the large scarves already pleated?