pleated hobos?

  1. Are they GONE gone? Like, never coming back? I decided that I really like them and I want one, but the selection on eBay is somewhat limited. Has anyone seen them at an outlet recently, or am I just out of luck? (if that's the case, i'm totally eyeing up a leather Bleecker bag!)
  2. Check Saks, Off Saks, TJ Maxx, Marshalls!
  3. There will be Ergo Pleated Hobos done for Spring 2008. I heard that these are going to be gorgeous bags from my SA.
  4. I loved this style. I'm looking forward to the Spring 2008 ones.
  5. Oh thank you for letting me know! That saves me the time/heartache for spending a few hundred on one on eBay...that way I can check out the new ones and either get one of those, or decide on something else.

    I'm excited now :roflmfao: I love the Ergo line and these sound like they'll be amazing.
  6. What do these pleated hobos look like?
  7. Here are a few examples on ebay:

    I'm pretty sure both are real. I really like the Mint one, but suede is such a no-no for me.
  8. Ooooooooooooh. Thanks for the photos!!
  9. here's mine on the end:

    and here are examples of what it can hold:


  10. OOh Im am going to be ALL OVER those pleated hobos in the spring. I'm finally going to use my belted ergo in plum this weekend, and I can see getting a pleated on in a nice neutral/spring-y leather!