pleated hobos?

  1. Are they GONE gone? Like, never coming back? I decided that I really like them and I want one, but the selection on eBay is somewhat limited. Has anyone seen them at an outlet recently, or am I just out of luck? (if that's the case, i'm totally eyeing up a leather Bleecker bag!)
  2. Check Saks, Off Saks, TJ Maxx, Marshalls!
  3. There will be Ergo Pleated Hobos done for Spring 2008. I heard that these are going to be gorgeous bags from my SA.
  4. I loved this style. I'm looking forward to the Spring 2008 ones.
  5. Oh thank you for letting me know! That saves me the time/heartache for spending a few hundred on one on eBay...that way I can check out the new ones and either get one of those, or decide on something else.

    I'm excited now :roflmfao: I love the Ergo line and these sound like they'll be amazing.
  6. What do these pleated hobos look like?
  7. Ooooooooooooh. Thanks for the photos!!
  8. here's mine on the end:

    and here are examples of what it can hold:


  9. OOh Im am going to be ALL OVER those pleated hobos in the spring. I'm finally going to use my belted ergo in plum this weekend, and I can see getting a pleated on in a nice neutral/spring-y leather!