Pleated Hobos / Totes and more...

  1. I went to the coach store today and the SA that helped me has seen this line and said that it FANTASTIC. She said that some of them will have zippers for those of us that are sick of the dog leash closures. She also told me that there is a CONVERTIBLE tote that is coming out as par of this line. She said it can be carried in a few different ways. She said we would hear more in March....
  2. I feel like I have been waiting for this pleated ergo for years now!!! Now I cant wait until March. (hopefully they'll be available during PCE!
  3. WOW!!!! Imagine if they are???!!!!! One will be following ME home!!!!! :yes:
  4. You and me both!!!:tup:
  5. me too !!!! :yahoo:
  6. Come to momma!!!!! I can't wait for these! Everytime I think I like something I talk myself out of it in hopes that one of these will be the ONE! Hurry up March!:nuts:
  7. sounds great! Can't wait to see them! :tup:
  8. Ergo tote with a zipper?! :yahoo:
  9. here we go.. I need to stay off of this site lol..
  10. :nuts:Can't wait to see pics
  11. oh boy.... yippee.... i will be saving now for a while....
  12. Yay!! That is so exciting. I guess I better start saving!
  13. I guess it's good that there isn't anything at Coach that I am lusting after except the pleated tote. I want to see them so bad!!!! Come on MARCH!!!!!
  14. oh my GOODNESS! I cannot wait to see the new Ergos now. I think we might need a 12-step program for our Ergo addictions...hee hee!
  15. Sounds interesting... Thanks for the info!!