Pleated Ergos going to the outlets this summer?

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  1. Last spring around this time, I fell in love with the turquoise ergo tote but held off. I found it around 4th of July at the outlet and got it for considerably less. I've also seen other items, like the bleecker duffles, legacy....etc at the outlet just months after being released.
    I love these pleated bags but can't help but wonder if some of them will turn up at the outlet later this year. I know if you love love love a bag, its best to act on it just in case.
    I am wondering the chances of this lovely bag ending up at the outlets.
  2. You never know with these things. This happened to me with the Cotton ivory/chocolate Carly. I wanted it but it was too much for me at the time... I found it at the outlet for half price on ... the 4th of July!! How weird I just realized we found these bags on the same day!:nuts:
  3. I'd like to know too. Cause I would love to get a pink and navy one.
  4. It's always tricky for me to guess when things will turn up at the outlet or not... But I'd definitely suggest calling/ going to the outlet to ask. At my outlet they even sometimes have retail bags for 20% when customers return them to the outlet rather than a store.
  5. I think it really just depends upon how much you love a bag and if you're willing to wait. There aren't any guarantees, and you can always call JAX and ask them how many of a certain style they have available.

    I've just had so many experiences where I found a loved bag at the outlet for so much less that I've learned to be patient most of the time. However, if it's an absolute must have, get it now before it's gone.
  6. I hope not because I just ordered one yesterday... :Push:
  7. That would be wonderful if we could get them at the outlet this summer. They are a little high for me too.
  8. ...the other thing to factor in is...jut because they go to the outlets does not mean your outlet will get them. I've been reading about folks seeing the ink Bleeckers in the outlets - my outlets have only had the bottle green.
  9. I think that very few of the Ergo Pleated Satchels will go to the outlet as I believe they will be the popular item from Coach this Spring/Summer. I think that the Ergo Pleated totes and Hobos will most likely make it to the outlets.
    On the other hand we are in a recession and Americans are being more cautious with spending so they may all make it to the Outlets. If it is a must have for you then you should get it now.
  10. True, but the outlets mean ebay. And I can get it for a great price on ebay.
  11. If you really love it, wait for PCE (if you've been getting them). The outlets are really hit and miss. It's more likely a miss than a hit.