Pleated Ergo Wristlet

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  1. Well, I just found the perfect accessory to go with my new




    :heart: I saw this online a month or so ago but then it disappeared. I was beginning to think I imagined it. But, I just now noticed that it's back!:yahoo:I'm so making a trip to my boutique tomorrow to see if they have it in or to order it! I'm sooooooo excited!!! (Bet you couldn't tell!)
  2. Haha! You're too cute. Are you planning to get a matching wallet as well? :smile:
  3. I love the colour!! I saw the hobo in a boutique and it's one of those bags that your eyes are just drawn to. I kept looking at it but refrained from walking over and picking up for fear of falling in love with it! The wristlet will make a great accessory to your bag!
  4. That wristlet would look awesome w/ your new hobo!!!
  5. :shame: Seriously thinking about it!
  6. Oh do! Once you feel the soft leather you'll be sold on it.
    (I love enabling)
  7. The rose is such a pretty color. Love the wristlet.
  8. What a lovely colour, I love matching accessories with bags!
  9. Oh! Go for the matching wallet too! *enabler* :woohoo:
  10. I LOVE both! That rose color is so pretty.
  11. Oooh... gorgeous! I haven't seen it in that colour! I am the opposite, I have the wristlet in black but would like the purse to go with it. ;)

    No that I have seen the rose colour, I am thinking that I *need* the wristlet too.
  12. I love pink, so you're really tempting me with this bag... especially because I've been consider my first leather bag!
  13. I love that color. I do hope you get the matching accessories!
  14. ChristyLou,
    I've been eyeing both the ergo hobo and wristlet too on the Coach site and hope to get a PCE card soon so I can get them both!!!! I have a feeling the rose wristlet is going to sell out fast!!

    I'm torn between these two bags (below) though and still haven't made up my mind (regardless, both would be out of the question for me if I don't get a PCE). The wristlet I'm getting, no if's ands or buts....I'm really drawn to it.

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  15. Pretty set!

    I so want a pleated satchel!