Pleated Ergo styles?

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  1. Ok, so I am hoping you guys can help me get this pleated Ergo info straight - there are so many threads floating around that I am getting confused.

    There is definitely the pleated Ergo satchel (with the kisslock middle compartment), available in patent in pink, navy, and tan for $498 and in reg. leather in burnt orange, white, black, and natural for $458. Also apparently available in sig in at least denim through Macy's for $398.

    There is also a hobo and a tote coming out, right? And this will be different than the "Miss Davenporte" tote shown here? (which I love, but it is so HUGE!)

    Like these, right?


    When will they be out, and does anyone have pricing info?

  2. I don't know but I like them.
  3. There is a pleated ergo tote too. The style # is 12240 and it comes in burnt orange, natural, black & white. The price is $398 and they are avail. to order now. I don't have any info about the hobo though.
  4. :nuts: Really?! Now? :graucho:

    Thanks so much for the info! :smooch: :flowers:

    Do you happen to know how big it is?
  5. $398 I can afford more so than the satchel.. hmm.. so many decisions!
  6. Wow!!! You're not kidding...that "Miss. Davenporte" tote is HUGE!!!
  7. You're welcome! It is 11 1/4" L x 9 2/3" H x 4 1/2" W w/ a 9 1/4" drop.
    Here is a pic borrowed from Ebay ( not my auction btw)
  8. ah wow love the metallic and patterned ergos in the picture, I haven't seen them before!!
  9. Thanks luv!

  10. D* I want a tote.....
  11. I think the pleated ergo totes are so much more cute than the new pleated satchels. That whole snap thing just really ruins it IMO.
  12. I am with you, Kimmie - it is kind of a cute look, but I don't like having my bags divided into so many compartments like that. :nogood:

    These pleated ergo totes and hobos are calling my name though! :graucho:
  13. Im seriously consdering a black one with a really bright colored scarf! Im gonna pm you!
  14. urwelcome!
  15. What is the name of the small bags on the right side in blue,metal and black/grey? Price or style number?