pleated ergo hobos already out?????

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  1. :confused1::confused1:[​IMG]:confused1::confused1:

    edited to add: Not new, from the creed, I think it was an 05 style
  2. Yes. It is older and I believe called pleated something. I recall seeing these at the outlets a few years back. Cute functional bag, though!
  3. They are older pleated hobos... i dont believe they are ergos.. You scared the crap outta me lol
  4. I concur! These are the older pleated hobos. I only first saw them at the outlet a few years back too.
  5. lol ok, b/c shes saying on the auction that it's one of the first from the new line or something.... it is a cute bag tho!
  6. This is a pleated hobo from like 1 1/2 years ago. It is not this years
    Ergo Pleated Hobo. I went in to my boutique today and they don't even
    have any pictures of the Ergo Pleated Hobos yet. I can't wait to see these
    in real life.
  7. ^^ me too....we are all in waiting....:yes: I have a feeling these will be worth the wait though!!!
  8. Having metal pressing on your shoulder isn't very ergonomic if you ask me lol ! It looks like a seashell
  9. I like this one, Kathryn Heigle (spelling) has it in white. They had these at tjs a while back and righ now there is one on craigslist where i live going for $150 bnwt
  10. That is the same bag as candace marie (with the 3's :supacool: ) posted from eBay, no?
  11. I have this bag in black. It is from winter 2005 and came in black, white, brown and a metallic dusted suede. It is NOT from a new line. Style # is 10205 and it is called the Limited Edition Pleated Hobo. It was not from a "line" like Soho, Hamptons, Carly etc. but preceded the Ergos that came out in 2006. Surprisingly, it is an extremely light and comfortable bag to carry and has a long drop. The leather is lightweight and the hardware is not at all heavy. It is comparable to an ergo in weight.
  12. This bag is super cute!!! :smile: i've been looking for a cute silver bag!!! :tup:
  13. I have this bag (pleated hobo) in the silver metallic color and it's one of my favorites. It's not heavy at all when carried on the shoulder; it's very comfortable. Also, everytime I carry this bag it generates quite a bit of interest, especially from the Coach SAs. This bag was available in the metallic gold color as well.
  14. I think it is beautiful and very glamorous ! I still think it looks like a shell but shells are pretty !