**Pleated Ergo Club (satchels, totes, hobos)... Come join!!**

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  1. I thought I would make a club for all the pleated ergo owners! Pics would be much appreciated if you have them! Welcome all!! :tup:
  2. I'll start... here's my pleated ergo satchel in navy patent that I just got..Style # 12520
  3. Oh boy! I'll be joining soon! I should have my navy baby by 4:30 Friday at the latest! YAY!!!
  4. wooo hooo! i'm SO excited for you denverjenny! i can't wait for your pics!;)
  5. I am going to the boutique tomorrow... I am thinking Navy. Can't wait to join!
  6. My navy one will be here in 2 weeks (since I am in Canada) so I will join soon!
  7. ^^^wooo hoo, exciting biggestbaglover! can't wait to see!
  8. I know! I am SO excited! I ordered it on the first day that they were available but it takes nearly a month to ship out here. I was so happy to see the pics you posted...it just confirmed that this bag is gorgeous...Thank you for taking the time to post all those pics! I have been on a bag ban since November and I am so thrilled that I waited for this bag! It is my 30th birthday present to myself!
  9. ^^^wow, I can't believe it takes that long to ship... well at least its worth the wait! thats funny, cuz my b-day is this saturday so it was a b-day present for myself as well! happy b-day to you! yeah sorry the pics weren't the greatest, its hard taking all those pics so fast because i know all of you get so antsy/excited, as well as myself when seeing other people's bags! haha ;)
  10. Count me in :tup::tup:
  11. YAY!! Love it coachfreak! your bag looks so dressed up w/the scarf... GORGEOUS!!
  12. ooh i get to join tomorrow hopefully! can't wait
  13. ^^^oooo I can't wait to see your bag TnC!! :tup:
  14. Im joining but my pictures will have to wait until I get my new black bag, my black wristlet, and my burnt orange bag!!!
  15. I love this bag...can anyone tell me what colors it's available in and will it be on Coach.com?