Pleated Ergo Capacity Wristlets...where'd they all go?

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  1. Have they been sent to the outlets? Are they deleted? Wow I must be out of the loop on some things.
  2. I bought a brown one from the outlets about 1 month ago.
    I also saw pink and black patent ones there.
    I think that I paid $59 (were $79 with 20% off plus the additional 10% off)
  3. i bought one today from the outlet for $73, the black patent one.
  4. I've only ever seen a few at my outlet (which isn't a "good" outlet) and they weren't as low as I was willing to go. Maybe they sold well at retail?
  5. I've seen a few colors at the outlet for $79.
  6. I have been looking for those every time I go and have yet to find one. I called on the Wed before Thanksgiving and they had the pink one but I couldn't get out there by 6 pm. I have an off white one (parchment?) from a previous season and LOVE it. I really would like it in other colors.
  7. My outlet (Leesburg VA) has had them for several weeks now (even before they got the Ergo pleated framed satchels in).... They have/had them in mahogany brown, magenta, burnt orange, rose, black patent and metallic. The only color I didn't see is the natural (not even sure the wristlet even come in natural but I saw the satchel in that color today so assume it did?)

    When I was up there this morning I've noticed they only had the black patent, metallic and magenta so they do seem to be selling out now... They're $79 currently but I got mine for less during one of the previous sales and I want to say they were like $63.00 (this was in early/mid December).
  8. Darn!!! I'd love the burnt orange and the mahogany brown.
  9. Okay thanks guys.
  10. Las Americas had brown and pink and maybe a few other colors yesterday.. just like others said, they were $79.
  11. I think I saw the magenta colored ones for 79 today. Such a pretty color!!
  12. I have the white one from last summer. I'd love to pick up the metallic @ the outlet.
  13. They have them at the outlets now. THere were a lot at my outlet today.