Pleated Ergo already showing up on Ebay

  1. So pretty! I don't have an ergo yet, but totally want one! I think I might need to hold out until these pleated ergos come out!
  2. Dang that bag is huge
  3. I didn't like the gray one in the picture but I like it ON precisely because it's huge. Nice modeling pic!
  4. Nice!
  5. I wish they weren't so big! I want a medium in this style.
  6. I definitely don't like the huuuuge size, but the pleated hobo would be great for my mom!! I want to see the next size down!!
  7. I really like the pleated tote. When are these going to be released?
  8. Ding - Dang it is HUGE!
  9. I think this is white, but the first pic does make it appear grey.
  10. This is the SAME SELLER who had lots of the new signature stripe stuff BEFORE it was released as well. Where is this seller getting all this stuff!

    They are also the ones who had unreleased things with no HANGTAGS...wonder what is up with that...
  11. it is GORG! that seller has a lot of new styles...ohhh!!!!:love:
  12. That seller also has the watercolor scribble bag! I wonder how he gets all the new merchandise?
  13. are the pleated ergo styles are the same size as the regular ergo styles? if so i want the tote! i would like it to be big enough for classes but also i like big bags for everyday. if anyone has additional pictures, i'd love to see them!

    also, what colors do the pleated bags come in andf prices?