Pleated Cherry Spy viewing here!!

  1. I know I said my Spy family was complete... but it needed some fine tuning.
    A word to the wise: stay away from eBay while tipsy:p

    I've also included side by side comparison shots with the regular cherry spy. The pleated cherry is a much darker burgundy color, that is tempered by a dark mauve shown between the burgundy pleates. But the pleated cherry handle is more brown than the handle on the regular cherry spy.


    1CIMG1599.JPG 1CIMG1605.JPG 1CIMG1604.JPG 1CIMG1609.JPG 1CIMG1601.JPG
  2. oooooohhhhh....:nuts:

    wish i could touch! looks beautiful. congratulations! :heart:
  3. Wow, that is so hot, just gorgeous!
  4. Deco, tipsy or no tipsy, that is one heck of a bag :nuts: ! By the way, that Spy happens to be on my Gotta Have It Short List, so if you get tired of it, let me know :graucho: . I'm always happy to adopt ;) .
  5. That is a gorgeous bag- congrats on getting her!
  6. Gorgeous. Your collection just gets better and better.
  7. Wow that is a stunning bag Deco, another one I want now. Love your kitty checking it out to....... the bag looks fabulous on you
  8. Good Lord. I am so completely envious of your collection, I can't even tell you. That's gorgeous!
  9. oh my!! it just gets better and better
  10. wow, i thought you were lucky with the cherry and the green, but this is just another level entirely lol.

    What a gorgeous bag, well done, its gorgeous :biggrin:
  11. oh and forgot to say, you look amazing carrying it, really lovely :smile:
  12. Wow--I'm crazy about Fendi. That bag is fantastic--Congrats!
  13. Wow Deco!! Could your collection get any better!!! This is a fabulous bag! Congrats sweetie!!

    Is the collection really complete?? or will we be seeing some more beautiful additions any time soon.....:graucho: (I hope so!!;) )
  14. I love your spy bags!! Congrats!
  15. Thank you everyone for the nice compliments, and baglady for not chastising my tipsy impulse purchase. This was an unplanned purchase. I was just depressed a little Spy depressed, and this purchase put an end to my Spy depression. In fact, it freaked me out and I decided to sell the Moncler to make room (and a tiny bit of cash) for this new baby.

    nerdbox, the texture/feel of this bag is not, IMO, it's strong suit. Believe it or not, it feels like rubber! It's very soft and supple, but like a soft and supple rubber. We're all about FULL DISCLOSURE here, so I thought I'd throw that in.

    Saichyloo, you spotted Driplets!! She was sniffing my bag. I think she approves. You should definitley go for this bag, but between now and then get to like the feel of rubber!

    HandbagAddict, I swear, I'm now fully DONE!!! the only way I could be undone is if they come out with a fabulous irresistable new color. :sweatdrop: