Pleated Bag - yay or nay?

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  1. I like it a lot. There are very few bags I see that I can actually imagine myself carrying, but I can see myself with this. Simple, gorgeous design, nice shape, great details!
  2. i kinda like it surprised its a M by MJ bag tho!
  3. ^ wow i'm surprised too! I like it! i don't think it's bbag like though..... i just checked it out cos i liked it enough to buy it. it's expensive for a MBMJ bag tho!! Hmmmmm
  4. or maybe it looks like a bbag to me because i've been hanging out at the bbag forum for a while now.. :shame:

    i wonder when will this be out on the stores.. i wanna see how big this one is.
  5. I think it's cute, I could definitely see myself carrying it! I have to say though, $700 is more than I would pay for a MbMJ bag.