Pleated Aurelia??

  1. Hey Ladies and Gents,

    Here is my Aurelia MM:love:, after one week!! Its soo pretty. But when i wear it im constantly smoothing out the edges. If i dont flatten it at night or tug at it every so often its gonna turn into the denim pleaty. If you look at the top edges you can see the wrinkles. This is after ive tried to flatten it, its been worse.. kinda gets wavy at the top ends (where the button are) i hope ive decribed this correctly. It cant be cause i put to much stuff..:huh: ive only put keys a wallet and cell phone in there. I think its my arm that smashes the edges.

    *this was taken w/ my camera phone, thats why its kinda yellow. Ill model it when im not in my jammies :lol:
    lv folds.jpg lv folds2.jpg
  2. :roflmfao:Ha ha.. i just noticed. if i got the white MC it might have gotten lost in my sheets.
  3. I see what you're saying.... hmmmmm

    It's a gorgeous bag though! What are you going to do?
  4. that sucks!!! i really ove the look of that bag but its not very practical sorry it happened to you, maybe see if they can lengthen your hand?
  5. Kind of a drastic measure just for a handbag, doncha think? :P :lol:
  6. ^ lol!!! i ment handLES, but always try lengthening your hands before that cos its should be a last case senario
  7. Hmm, the wrinkled ripple all along the top of the bag wouldn't be caused by your arm "smashing the edges". I've carried tote bags and have never seen a weird ripple effect like that.
    Will you keep the bag, despite this problem?

    BTW, I like your "Smarties" bed sheets! :smile:
  8. I wore it. I've never returned at LV before. Can I go in and tell them about the problem and that ive worn it twice. will i get my money back??
  9. :roflmfao: I know, it just cracked me up!

    I would definitely bring it in and ask them. That's a lot of $ if you're not happy. I think at the very least, they would give you a credit towards something else.
  10. You can get a refund for unworn items (returned within the 14-day due date).

    They're pretty strict about worn items, so I don't know if you will be able to get a refund for that, but take the bag in and explain what happened, and see how they respond.
  11. HA HA i can always go and get this one.. complements of ioffer:sick:
    33lv folds.jpg
  12. I would return it and make them aware of this as it could be a design issue. I recall when the segur range was released here in Aus ..there was an issue with the s-lock so they removed all stock and it was released without any fault. Let us know how you go:heart: