PleasePleasePlease Etè'08 bags pictures!

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  1. :shame:Ehmm please!!
    Could anyone that has got them give me detailed and medium pictures of your new bags of the LV Summer '08 collection?
    Like watercolors,jokes,pulp,bonbon bags?
    I'd love to see those pictures!Thanks a lot:tup::girlsigh:!!
  2. thanks for the link LMM. ^^
  3. Oops i'm sorry,maybe i told wrong!!
    I wanted to say i'd like to see YOUR pictures of YOUR new etè '08 bags!Not of the LV fashion shows!Hhehe ok?
    If anyone of you has got them!
    Sorry again XD..
    Thanks i wait 4 the pict!!
  4. the easiest thing would be to go through the club forum. there's clubs for the watercolor, bonbon, and pulp bags so far.
  5. Where are these clubs??Thanks!
  6. There is a sticky at the top of the page that says LV clubhouse. In there, there are threads that are for specific types of bags like suhali, monogram, bon bon, ect! Hope that helps!!