1. help me name this bag or find it for me :biggrin:

  2. Where did you find that photo???! I think that is a prototype item.
  3. Very cute bag!........I don't know the name of it though.
  4. Hmm..... never seen this one
  5. It's not actually made by Louis Vuitton. An Artist made this piece, I can't think of the artist name, though. Hope that helps! : )
  6. i've never seen that one before
  7. I haven't either, but I like the shape.
  8. i've haven't seen it before either but i agree it's really cute and the shape would be great!
  9. it's this graphic designer that designs items for a bunch of brandnames...none of which were ever produced but they're nice though..
  10. Cool!
  11. oo that's kinda neato
  12. Yes, that's him! I hate when I try to think of something and I know it but, I can't recall the info. My brain thanks you. ;)
  13. It's very unique looking.