PLEASEEEE help me decide here!!

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  1. I'm on the wait list for the caviar jumbo in the chevron pattern. I have a classic flap in the medium size in lambskin but wanted a caviar every day bag. I'm worried about how heavy it is. However, I am in love with the coco handle bag and found one in caviar leather which is what I want. It's also a lot cheaper and lighter than the jumbo. I don't know what to do!
  2. If both were available which would you choose?
  3. I can't decide my only reservation about the jumbo is the weight and that the strap is too long for me for crossbody
  4. the jumbo in caviar is really heavy. yes also the strap is too long for crossbody, but the coco handle strap is also too short for crossbody. the coco handle is a lot lighter.
    I would still choose the jumbo cause it's classic.
  5. You can tie up the chain to make it shorter.
  6. Hmm you can never go wrong with a classic! In a addition the chevron will also give you an edgy alternative to the classic quilting! Maybe go for the jumbo first and then the coco handle a little later down the road? Hope this helps you! Good luck!
  7. That's tough. I would go with the classic but the Coco is beautiful too. Sorry I'm no help!
  8. Thank you all for your input. You've made my decision easier! I'm going with the chevron jumbo! Now I just have to wait for the phone call that it came in lol

  9. Hahahaha you understand my dilemma lol
  10. You used the word "edgy" which was exactly what I want so I'm going with the chevron jumbo, thanks!
  11. There are many who would like the coco handle- where did you find that?

  12. Tradesy- but I don't know how reliable the seller is...haven't gotten any responses from her

  13. OOOOH thank you!
  14. I would also tell you, you've really been wanting the Coco Handle so be sure you won't be sorry....