Pleaseeee Help! Cant Decide Which Prada Bag To Get!!! :(

  1. Hey,,

    Im so stuck on which Prada bag to get......wonder if anyone has bought similar or same ones to give me some adivce...:confused1::confused1:

    I was going to go for the White Patent Deerskin Bowler with Gold Chain Straps???

    ORRRRRR!! :p

    The Napa Gaufre Bowler in a chocolate brown???

    Napa leather seems so soft but very worried scratches and wear and tear will be very visible. But the White Patent Bowler is gorgeous but the gold chains make it very heavy.

    TBH i totally love both of them...really cant make up my mind which one to get!!:sweatdrop:

    Any help would be appreciated...!

  2. Gauffre Bowler.
  3. Another vote for Gauffre Bowler.
  4. Hands down the Gauffre Bowler. Saw this bag in person and it's too die for!!! :tup:
  5. Gauffre bowler please :biggrin: It's so beautiful + I like the leather strap better than the chain on the white one :smile:
  6. I have to agree with everyone and go with the gauffre bowler.
  7. Gaufre bowler - the chain straps will hurt your shoulder!
  8. Gauffre Bowler..
  9. Gauffre!
  10. gauffre bowler.I have 2 and LOVE THEM!
  11. Gauffre Bowler, for sure!
  12. Yes, another vote for the Gauffre Bowler.
  13. I have the bowler and haven't been able to put it down! LOVE this bag to bits!!
  14. Hi thanks for the comment! Very much appreciated!

    I was wondering for people that have used the gaufre about the praticallity?

    Although I totally love and care for my bags:yes: the lamb skin leather seems so soft and delicate and im worried any scratches will be very visible?

    Im paying so much money for the bag that i want to make sure its durable and I can wear it for a long time.

    Any help appreciated

  15. Definitely gauffre bowler.