pleasee ID this bag...pleasee pretty please :)

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  1. Hiii! if anyone can shed some facts about this purse that would be amazing!!!! and then i would be like :yahoo:!!!!! i know it came in black patent as well as white patent, but does anyone know the name of this bag and/or price? even better, has anyone seen it recently?! thanks ladies, you all are the best!!!! :love:
  2. this is the hidden CC bag (there is a big half CC on the back at the corner, thus the name "hidden.") From last year either cruise or spring. I haven't seen it recently since this was released about a year ago....I saw it at NM though, so call NM and check. Good luck.
  3. It also came in a denim color.

    I believe the price for the patents were $1725
  4. i actually saw it today at the Neimans at palo alto; i was very "meh" about it, but then again it was this yellowish ivory color. hehe i dont think my SA was very knowlegable, she said it never came in a white...or am I the very unknowlegable one...(my dear, is that even a word?...guhh :hrmm: )
  5. i've seen the denim before.
  6. i think some reputable seller was selling this a while back on eBay. Did you check the reference library.??

    I saw this but didn't care for the flat panel thingy on the top of the bag with the holes
  7. I have this bag and bought it right before Christmas at NM for about 1545 or so in black patent. I LOVE IT. It is great because it is a classic flap with an edge, and the hidden cc's are very fun!
    I was on the hunt for it so I called Chanel 1-800 and found that there is nothing in the Chanel stores. So your best bet is to just go down the line and call NM because they probably have one hidden in the back, since it is a prior season bag (SS06, I think). Good luck in your hunt!!
  8. Saw one on eBay yesterday...Hurry!