PLEASEE help me identify this bag !!! =(

  1. i fell in love with this bag when i saw it on jessica simpson on the newlyweds.
    she uses it in several episodes during season 2 and 3. i just was never able to find out who made it:sad: BUT i know one of you FAB ladies on here might be able to help:graucho: . i have posted 3 pictures the pictures are ok. but a quick des.
    light colored gold kind of shimmery and has a snake like print. it's worn over your shoulder and quick big and roomy which i luv.
    any help would be great
    100_0455.jpg 100_0458.jpg 100_0460.jpg
  2. Hi there,
    The bag Jessica wore is Devi Kroell The Classic Large bag in Matte Gold.

    Hope this helps!

    Now I have a bag I need identified in another thread. Any help you have would be great as well.

  3. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH:yahoo: :yahoo:
    i looked at your post and im sorry but i don't know who the bag is by ...but im sure you will !!!
    once again thank you