Please wish me luck!

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  1. I put an offer in on a house yesterday. It's 2000 square feet, a mile from our huge lake, and it's full of skylights, hardwood and hand-hewn granite floors. It has a fireplace and a wet bar, and it's on an acre. I'm attaching some pictures for you all. The price is incredible, but we're in a multiple offer situation, so I'm thinking about upping our offer tomorrow. I'm so nervous and praying for this to happen! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!
    P1230258.JPG P1230259.JPG P1230265.JPG P1230266.JPG P1230282.JPG
  2. More!
    P1230278.JPG P1230280.JPG P1230283.JPG P1230281.JPG
  3. Good luck Sarah!
  4. WOW! Good luck!

    Where is my room?
  5. hehe, it's the hardwood-floored room next to the office :smile: The house is 3BR 2BA so there's room for you to come visit!
  6. Oh.

    Crossing finger and toes!
    We just bought our house and I thought it was great...
    ...But yours.... Fabulous!!!
    I hope you get it, girl!
  7. It's lovely! Good luck!
  8. Sarah! another one!? :biggrin: What happened to that other one??? Geez I hate going away...I need updates :biggrin:
  9. WHOO HOOO! I was looking at the pics and I saw one doorway from outside that's level, no ramp needed to get inside!

    I'd LOVE to visit someday! I think that place looks incredible! Is it on a large lot? Looks like you have a bit of land there as well!

    ETA: Duh, I looked at all the pictures now, saw the pond and the trees! Oh, I could bring my paints and easel too!! I love ponds! Heck, I love the whole thing, I so hope you get this!!
  10. Looks amazing, hope you get it. Good luck!
  11. It's on an acre! Here's a pic of one of the spare bedrooms-- and yes it's a level entrance, totally wheelchair accessible!
  12. OOOOHHHHHH! Look at those huge windows!! I am soooo in love with my room!! I LOVE hardwood floors! I love big windows! I love it!!!
  13. It's gorgeous! Good luck!
  14. The house is so beautiful. It is my style home. I had a house in Florida that was similar to this look. The high ceilings with beams. Floor to ceiling windows. It had to be the best house I ever lived in. You always got light and always felt happy.
    I am saying a prayer that this house will be yours.
    Good luck.
    I could just imagine all the fun decorating it and there is nothing more relaxing that water--that pond is really tranquil.
  15. Best wishes!