*******please welcome Turq and his best friend =)

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  1. hehehehehe it is my pleasure to introduce Turq (my FIRST balbaby)
    ...and his best friend mr vaselina intense moisture lock =)

    call me risky but i moiturized the corners and some parts of the bag..it worked miracles i coudlnt be any happier!

    balturq 002.JPG
  2. Congrats, I have one of these too and took her out today! You will be glad you got this bag, congrats!!! :tup:
  3. Lovely blue Turq! Congrats!!!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. mustlovecatz, your turq is fabulous. the leather really looks soft, thick, yummy. does the moisturizer really help? i have never tried one on my b bags. I have a 08 turquoise day and i'm so fond of this color, the pop stunning amazing blue....
  6. lovely colour! congratulations

  7. thisz is my first bag and i guess im just daring but..the moisturizer i used in the pic worked SOOOOO gooooodddddddd it just made me even happier, i would deffinately recommend it for your corners or stress spots.
  8. thanks for the tip, the moisturizer apparently did a great job, your turkey leather looks so butter soft, nicely distressed, i love it.:tup: and congrats on your first bag, trust me, it won't be your last. i know what i'm talking about because i just started last june and now i have 7 bags and 3 accessories, that's not bad in about one year!:roflmfao:
  9. You ARE daring! I just can't make myself put anything on my bags. Too nervous! Your Turq is gorgeous!:love:
  10. gorgeous, congrats!
  11. mmm the leather looks so thick and chewy ! congrats ! i moisturized my work right away too, call me crazy but its like buttah now ! :nuts:
  12. ooo she looks gorgeous! congrats on your first bbag! :smile:
  13. congratulations! She is yummy!! Enjoy!

  14. i have used vaseline intensive care on my leather bags too and it works wonders! That bag is too cute!
  15. Your new baby is immaculate. I can't wait for until I get mine. Congrats on your new purchase. That color is TDF:drool: