Please welcome SerenitySue to the dark side!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Yep, we got another one! And she is one of my most favorite people on the PF! Serentiy Sue, the lady from down under, has caught the Hermes bug :Pand needs all the enabling we can give her!

    :yahoo:WELCOME ABOARD SUE!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Welcome to the dark side Sue! :ninja:
  3. oh i am so so sorry...

    but it's a good good thing...
  4. welcome to the dark side Sue!!!:graucho::lol::flowers:
  5. Resistance is futile!!!! Muahahahahahah!!!!:devil:

    All kidding aside, pull up a chair and have a seat. I actually find the ladies here a lot of fun.
  6. Oh my goodness!!! LOL! Jag, you nutter! I love you, you know that? Thanks so much for outing me. I was kinda shy coz I'm such a Hermes newbie I was afraid to look like an idiot with all my dumb questions (which I'll have:shame:smile:.

    Thanks all you lovely ladies for the Welcome!!! I feel so warm and fuzzy, lol!:heart::flowers::heart::flowers:
  7. Hey Sue!! Sydneysider here....great to have a fellow Aussie Hermes lover on board!!!!!!!!
  8. mmuuuuuuaaahhhhaaaa! Welcome, Serenity! Just want to introduce myself....Shopmom Enabler Extraordinaire at your service! It's nice to meet you and side..:ninja: :ninja: :party:
  9. Welcome to the dark....incredibly addictive...side! :welcome:
  10. Wow, so many enablers here. I think I'm gonna have to up my self-control level when in this subforum.:lol: Thanks so much for making me feel welcome. I'm glad I've been outed! Didn't know how much longer I could've kept my Hermes fixation to myself.

    GF, HI!!! I'm in Victoria. Grew up in Melbourne but now live approx 2hrs away in a provincial centre. So, can't get to the city as much as I like but I try.;) Will try even harder these days now I've caught the H bug!
  11. Ahhhh - until 6 years ago, DH & I lived in North Carlton...........DH is a Melbournite - but I've converted him -LOL!!
  12. *Waves* Hi SerenitySue!
  13. Welcome, SerenitySue! Insanity loves company! ;)
  14. ^^Lol! Ain't that the truth!
  15. :yahoo: Welcome aboard, SerenitySue!! Now you just sit back and enjoy the ride ... it's going to be one helluva ride!:yahoo: