Please welcome my newest city (Officer i think!)

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    Hey girls, i popped into Selfridges today.. and saw officer, my intention was to get a black city... but after hearing they didn't have any, this little beauty caught my eye. She is truly beautiful... :yahoo:no regrets for not holding out for a black city!!

    The SA said they had only got the colour in the day before i went in.. so i figured it must be officer right? The tag reads, N.10844 R 115748, I'll also try & post a pic of the little card it came with.. as i thought it might be a colour i'd seen called midnight and not an '09 bag like i first thought..but it says 09 on the tag, and now im just really confused!!

    It's an amazing colour, the leather is just great (if not a smidgen thinner than i'd of liked) but beautiful and distressed, and she has that devine new leather smell, all you ladies know what i mean! :graucho: Colour's a lot like ink, almost black in artificial light, but in natural sunlight she is very much blue, with beautiful purple undertones! :drool: In the indoor pics she looks like anthracite.. wow a total colour comelian!

    Sorry about the pictures, just got a Blackberry - and the camera isn't great on it! I'll see if i can get some better pictures tommorrow in the daylight! :smile: The only way i could seem to get them up is with this link,

    perhaps someone could take the pictures out and enlarge them?!

    Lemme know what you all think of her! :tup: xx
  2. Can't see the photo from the link....
  3. yes! R tag means it's officier !! please post photos as soon as possible, i am desperate to see the color !!

    btw the facebook link isn't working !
  4. Congrats! It is an officier! Can't wait to see the pics, however, the link isn't working...
  5. Grr i'm going to have to find some other way to upload them... its so confusing!!

    I was just looking at your Marine City on Bonanzle Frankiextah btw, it looks yummy! x
  6. Here you go!




  7. Ohh it looks almost black in these pics...I believe it's b/c of the indoor lighting. However the leather looks yummy on this baby! Congrats! Waiting for more pics.

    And I'm just curious about "sac + specchio" in the paper tag. Do you know what does it mean?
  8. thanks chefdaisy~!! i am hoping that my marine will find a new home so that i can get the officier !!! :P
  9. wow, the officer in one of the photos look super INKY !!! :nuts:
  10. Yeah it really changes colour depending on the light (those pics make it look like anthracite, when its actually not like that at all!!), its so beautiful in natural light but the indoor pictures with poor lighting dont do it any justice at all, the colour is quite link ink mixed with navy, its a great colour :smile:
  11. Thanks the-chus maybe you could make the one of the bag looking quite inky a bit bigger as thats the nicest shot of the bag..

    As for "sac + specchio" in the paper tag i have no idea at all, any ideas anyone? xx
  12. It's gorgeous!:drool:
  13. Congrats - it's a gorgeous bag!! :heart:

  14. ^^ Look at the beautiful purple undertones with navy undertones in one of the pictures where you're holding the bag up! How beautiful!!!!!!!! I can't wait for mine!!!!!!

    However, my local b says these "Summer colors" will only arrive in March (?!!!). Its such a looooooooooong wait :crybaby:

    Will be waiting for you to post more pictures!! :heart: