Please Welcome my *NEW* Bag!

  1. Can everyone say a big Hello to my *NEW* Epi Cannes :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Only 1 short of the full family now (the blue) so pretty I love my Cannes (pun intended :winkiss: )
    Red Cannes.jpg Cannes Family.jpg
  2. Awww.. I love the trifecta ! Congrats - and good luck on the blue ! :graucho:
  3. cooooool! is it a bag?! or an accessory case?! sorry..not familiar with epi so much!

    but it's preettty!
  4. A BIG HELLO!!:p Great colour!
  5. ooo hot bags ! I love them ! congrats !
  6. It is a bag but some people just use it as storage cases
  7. Oh gorgeous collection, congrats!
  8. Fun and cute! :smile:
  9. Love the red! Congrats!
  10. Love your epi family!
  11. Love the style and love the color.
  12. Really nice - I love the epi & and I love the shape!
  13. ..too cute!!
  14. Very nice, congrat's
  15. Congrats! It is gorgeous!