Please welcome my Nappa Fiocco Tote!!

  1. Hi Everyone! I finally got my hands on this beautiful dark raspberry color prada tote!!!! It's my first Prada ever. (Hope to have more coming in the future....) I went shopping with my husband at Beverly Hills Prada yesterday and there she is. Last time I visit they did not have this color in yet. I cannot be more in love :heart::heart::heart:!!! My SA sam is very helpful too. It definitely is one of my happiest days!!!! Thanks all the PFers for your kind advise and help. PF rocks!!:woohoo:
    IMG_0325.jpg IMG_0334.jpg IMG_0344.jpg IMG_0339_edited.jpg
  2. That is really cute! Looks fab on you, Congrats!
  3. Wow! That's a beautiful color! Very nice pics.
  4. Man!!!!!!!! I am SUCH a sucker for double lenght straps!!!!! LOVE that on you!!! That color is very unique....congrats!!!!
  5. Nice colour! I saw this colour and also a purple one at my local Prada store when i got my black one. Good choice! Cute!:tup:
  6. such a lovely bag!!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I am so happy with this purse. My dear husband is kind enough to buy me for the new years. hahaha.........She is so soft!! I hope she doesn't scratch easy! Does anyone have experience with caring/ cleaning of lamb skin purses?
  8. sooo cute! congrats!
  9. Wow! Its color and leather looks so yummy!!!
  10. wow...that color is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Lovely lovely color -- congratulations and carry it well !! It's a great bag !!
  12. Thanks for being so supportive!! I think only the PFers will understand the joy of having beautiful purses.:wlae: I wonder if anyone purchased the same bag? if so, please post your pics here too!!
  13. It's gorgeous, congrats.
  14. WOW- absolutely gorgeous. Looks fabulous on you.
  15. congratulations. a lovely bag, looks gorgeous on you. ;)