Please welcome my first Hermes bag---Bombay 35

  1. Hi, I have spent past few months reading through Hermes forum reference lib to know more about hermes. And thanks for everyone's contribution that I finally take the plunge to get my first ever Hermes bag--Bombay 35 in Epsom leather in color of Natural(?).

    I have been a Chanel+Balenciaga Gal for a long time, but Hermes is always the place I want to move towards to. My DH went to South Asia for business trip and he got me this beauty as our anniversary gift.

    This is my first post in Hermes forum and I am so excited just to look at that bag....:yahoo:
    bombay1.JPG bombay2.JPG bombay3.JPG
  2. Congrats on your beauty! :love:
  3. Look how tiny you are to put it over your shoulder!! Gorgeous bag. Lovely DH... wow. Congratulations!

    And welcome to the Orange Side!!
  4. oh, it is pretty.. congrats..
  5. CONGRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look GREAT with your new baby~! (ps. my daughter would LOVEEE your Hello Kitty towels:p)


  7. Congratulations on your beautiful new Bombay bag... looks just awesome on you! and what a great DH you have:smile:
  8. CONGRATS and WELCOME!!!!!!!!
  9. Question...may I...??? Does Bombay 35 have pocket(s) inside?
  10. Thanks everyone. I borrowed my DD's bathroom to take the pics since my master bedroom are scattered with DH's luggagwe. I don't have time to clean that up yet since he just got home 1 hr ago.LOL:graucho:
  11. yes, it has three pockets inside, two on one side and one on the other.
  12. Thank you for your answer! If you have a time (ONLY IF YOU A HAVE TIME), would you please take a picture of inside of the bag? I really do like your bag!!!!!:heart:
  13. Yes, I do have time now. Here are two pics of inside and the bottom.
    bombay4.JPG bombay5.JPG
  14. WELCOME!!!!!

    OHH, I was just talking about the PB!!!!
    That is so pretty, it looks great on you!!

    Congratulations, what a chic bag in a perfect size and color.
  15. Thank you so much!!!!! Your pictures are very helpful! Those pockets look practical to use the bag daily.