Please welcome my Atlantico Tote! (Long post)

  1. Well, after posting here forever and asking all af you guys and girls for your advice on my decision between a Limo Knot Shopper and the Atlantico Tote, I finally went for the Atlantico Tote.

    UPS messed a couple of things up with the delivery (I thought I was going to freak when some weird tracking information showed up and the lady at the customer service said "Oh, well, the package may have gone missing..."), but today, the odds voted for me and the package finally turned up.

    So here it is: My Atlantico Tote has finally arrived!!! :yahoo:

    The color is gorgeous, a true, just a tiny bit greenish blue (the flash on the pictures make it appear greener than it really is) and it has the perfect size and shape! It has two snap buttons on the side and ebano-colored handles and even the felt bag couldn`t be any softer *lol* Inside, it has beautiful green (I think it´s the Army-tone) cotton lining, more practicable for me than suede.

    I already took it on a stroll with some friends today and all of the tourists here in Vienna stared ad it, whispering.

    Oh, and I wanted to share this with you: I felt a little weird when it arrived and I opened the box, because I´m only 20 and for me, it was a lot of money that I spent on this bag, but I remembered that I worked hard to earn it and I rewarded myself for the good grades that I got this semester. So, I figured that this bag will accompany for a long time to go and will always remember me of certain things happening right now and hopefully so much to come!

    Here are the pics to share, I hung my BV key chain in Sienna onto it, to give some hints for the size.
    STA70708_1200x1200_200KB.jpg STA70711_1200x1200_200KB.jpg STA70712_1200x1200_200KB.jpg STA70713_1200x1200_200KB.jpg
  2. It's a nice bag!

    We work hard and study hard, it's good to get something to reward ourselves! :amuse:
  3. I love the color. Congratulations.
  4. Wow!!! Congratulations and well earned! I think you will treasure this bag for a long time to come. It is just beautiful
  5. Congratulations on your semester and new bag! I LOVE the color combination!
  6. What a gorgeous color! I love the subtle variations in the color for the different strips. I bet it gives it bit of a dynamic mosaic effect when used, like rippling water.

    Enjoy your well-earned gift to yourself!
  7. It's a bee-yoo-ti-ful bag... love the fact that the blue strikes just the right balance between cool-warm, and will work for Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter.
  8. Lovely!
  9. Very nice, C_24! Color is great and I like the contrasting Ebano handles. Just feel proud of yourself that you've done well and your reward is a wonderful bag! congratulations.
  10. Just lovely. A dreamy, timeless blue with watery depths and a wonderful treat for all your hard work. Congrats!
  11. GORGEOUS & BEAUTIful!!! CONGRATS... & I'm proud of you~! Great buy.. love the color... keep up the awesome work! :tup:
  12. wow - glad it turned up.

    officially the blue dreambag! love love love that colour - great choice! congrats
  13. love the bag!! what color is the key chain?
  14. Nice Bag!!
  15. Oh C!!! Your Atlantic Tote is GORGEOUS!!!!

    The blue is soooo pretty (coming from someone who's not all that fond of blue bags :shame:smile:!! I can imagine more than just tourists starring. Fab call on the choice!

    I can't think of a better pressie to reward yourself for a semester of good grades, and as a reminder of everything good that's happening in your life now.

    Congrats! :yahoo: