Please welcome another red to my collections

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  1. It's classic example for being side tracked, this bag isn't on my wish list but oh well :rolleyes: . Early this month I saw a girl at the airport with Beige Vernis Thompson, I couldn't get the bag out of my head. I just have to have this bag..dunno why..
    I got this bag from rebeccalou, she's great seller !!! Gotta share it to you all




    Goes very well with rouge Monaco scarf:

  2. Congrats!! :nuts: Beautiful!
  3. It's gorgeous Nita!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! As usuall you look absolutely great wearing it :smile:
  4. thanks Karman & Twiggers...
  5. OOOOOooooooh!!!! That's hot. I'm really really really jealous right now. That bag just POPS with the black!
  6. Pretty!!! you've got a really RED HOT collection!
  7. for one thing.... love the color.... for another thing.... so beatiful on you!
  8. Congrats!

    Beautiful Thompson... :flowers:
  9. Congrats!

    Wow! hot hot red... :flowers:
  10. Sexy Color!!! I'm not sure but I think you like red;) .

  11. God you are such a knockout!!! Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  12. Thank you ladies..yes..I am big fan of red color..:P
  13. it's so red and shiny, reminds me of candy! congrats!
  14. So pretty, bags!! Love it and it looks great on you as always!!
  15. stunning! both u & your bags as usual!