Please weigh in on this!!!

  1. Brand new Gucci Pelham in subtle white - Can I take it to Paris on Monday? Will it go day to night? Really don't want to take a second bag. Thanks!
  2. Sorry forgot the pictures
    Gucci resized.jpg Gucci resized 4.jpg Gucci resized 7.jpg
  3. It's beautiful!!! I think it's perfect for either. Dress it up or down with color.
  4. I think it will do good :smile:
  5. I love it -- perfect for sightseeing, shopping, but nice enough to dress up too!
  6. I think it's perfect for Paris
  7. Whoa! You'll be rockin' that bag for sure!
  8. Looks hot!
  9. I like it :smile:
  10. I think it will be perfect for day and night, no problem.
  11. take it w/ u!
  12. Oh totally take it to paris!
  13. It'd be perfect in paris! It looks very chic.. but be careful with pickpocketers, and I'd be so scared to get it dirty
  14. beautiful bag!
  15. Put your things in separate pochettes inside this white beauty to avoid pick pocketers. And have fun on your vacay!